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Needing to gather feedback in the

Within their Experiential & Events team, CSM Live run campaigns for a number of clients each year, where data capture and customer, audience or fan insights are highly valued KPIs. These campaigns can include road shows, trade shows and one off events.

Many of these events take place outdoors, often in greenfield sites such as festivals or county shows, where mobile signal or internet connection is unpredictable. CSM Live needed a secure data collection tool that would work offline, but allow them to safely transfer data online to analyse results and share them with their clients.

Snap Offline Interviewer helps capture over 25,000 responses

CSM Live started working with Snap Surveys in 2016 and since then they’ve used the Snap Offline Interviewer app at over 70 events, including the Ideal Home Show and Kendal Calling Festival, capturing over 25,000 survey responses to share with their clients.

Snap Offline Interviewer is an offline survey app that offers all the functionality of an online survey, without the need for a reliable internet connection. Data can be securely collected and stored on tablets, smart phones and kiosks, and then syncs automatically when an internet connection is available.

It’s easy for CSM Live to create, amend and update surveys when their clients make last minute requests, using the Snap Professional software. The surveys are then uploaded to the mobile devices ready to collect data. They can set up multiple logins for the app, and assign separate surveys to each login if required, which is useful when they’re running multiple events simultaneously.

Snap’s security policy and ISO 270001 compliance allows CSM Live to offer this mobile data collection service to clients with full confidence that they are GDPR compliant.

CSM Live then uses Snap Surveys’ analysis features to provide tailored reports for each client after the events. The analysis of survey responses is also downloaded and included in CSM Live’s wider reporting.

The Outcome

Using Snap Offline Interviewer has allowed CSM Live to fulfil their data capture KPIs, whilst enriching their reporting with detailed audience insights. CSM Live has been able to tailor campaigns based on the responses they’ve collected, and it also supports the efficacy of experiential marketing to their clients.