CJM Research is a full-service market research consultancy, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2007 by Callum MacKinnon, CJM Research has undertaken market research for a range of projects and organisations, from local authorities, leisure trusts, charities, colleges, universities and a number of national and international companies.

Needing to gather feedback in the field

Working with Edinburgh Leisure to undertake their annual satisfaction survey, CJM Research was looking for a way to simplify and automate the reporting for multiple leisure centres and business areas.

Snap Offline Interviewer helps capture over 25,000 responses

CJM has set up questionnaires, which are completed online, in person and by interviewers for the leisure centres’ customer satisfaction surveys, staff surveys, and mystery visits. They use Snap’s Smart Reports to set up automated reports, with highlighted areas of concern and recommendations.

Customer satisfaction surveys

The customer satisfaction surveys ask a series of questions about respondents’ experience at the leisure centre. Questions are tailored according to which centre the respondent says they attended, with the name of the centre include in further questions.

The results of the customer satisfaction survey are automatically generated into reports that are available to the leisure centre, as well as Senior Managers for Edinburgh Leisure. They present overall satisfaction, recommendation and importantly a customer journey experience score with a break down into different areas such as staff, activities, and cleanliness. This is spilt for each centre, activity type and overall.

These reports help Managers to understand and develop customer satisfaction and experience in a way that is easy to read and target improvements. Staff can take a quick look at the front of the report and see where there are problems, and what they are doing well. Then they look inside the report for more details about the issue and recommendations for improvement.

Staff surveys

Staff surveys are sent out with a database link that pre-seeds profiling data, making it easier for the respondent and allowing results to be cross-tabulated by employee type.

Mystery visits

Mystery visitors are given a set of questions that cover every aspect of the leisure centre, creating a score out of 100. Once the visitor submits their responses, they automatically receive a thank you email with payment details, CJM Research’s fieldwork manager gets an email notifying them that the visit has occurred, and the client gets an email notifying them that a visit has taken place.

Clients can then view an instant report that shows the overall visit score. It also highlights the areas of the customer journey and service standard areas where improvement is needed.

“To me Snap Survey software is a comprehensive, fully featured, market research tool. It handles everything from design to distribution to analysis and reporting, all in one place and is an important part of my business.”
– Callum MacKinnon

The Outcome

Using Snap Surveys’ Smart Reports, CJM is able to provide better value for clients. Instead of individually written reports, which take time to compile, each client manager can now access personalised reports, whenever they want to. The reports provide quick insights into any problems at each centre, and relevant staff members are notified so that they can resolve issues quickly.

“Snap is one of the key parts of my business; it’s allowed me to provide a better service to my clients, and it’s changed the way we do business. For anyone that is serious about doing research, it’s an ideal, essential tool.”
– Callum MacKinnon