What Circadian Leisure needed from us

Circadian Leisure is a charitable trust responsible for running five South Gloucestershire leisure centres and three dual use sports facilities. Circadian asked Snap Research Services to take on the distribution and analysis of their annual staff survey, and customer satisfaction survey.

The leisure centres are visited by approximately 2,500,000 local residents every year, with 804 full time and part time leisure staff and contractors. It was essential that the survey was available online and offline to ensure the highest possible response rate.

Each leisure centre required a tailored report comparing the responses from their own customer satisfaction survey against other leisure centres in the group.

Using everything at our disposal to deliver results

Staff Survey

To make the survey accessible to all staff, it was decided to run both an online and paper version. We started by updating and rebranding the existing online survey, and formatting the printed version. Survey invitations were sent via webhost to 131 full time staff, and 673 paper surveys were posted out to part time and contracted staff in the Circadian staff database.

Paper surveys were returned to us at Snap using freepost address and keyed by our Data centre. Responses were then merged with the online survey for analysis.

We produced crosstab analyses to enable us to compare responses from different staff groups (e.g. by Length of Service, contract type, location). Results were significance tested using the z-Test.

Where possible we also compared responses to data from previous years, although changes in the questionnaire meant there were fewer opportunities for this comparison. Finally, we compiled results into a PowerPoint presentation identifying the key findings, with recommendations and conclusions.

Customer satisfaction Survey

Again, a mixed approach was adopted. The online survey was emailed to 37,902 customers from the circadian database. To capture responses from visitors not listed in the database, a paper survey was made available at each centre, as well as an online survey launched from a QR code. In total 3,548 customers took part in the survey.

Each of the eight leisure centres and dual use sports facilities received a unique Smart Report including comparisons to the organisation benchmark, identification of high and low performing services areas, and a list of literal comments.

We compiled the survey results and presented the key findings to the Circadian management team. This gave us an opportunity to discuss the results and the recommendations with the Circadian team.

“Our annual customer satisfaction and staff surveys play a key fundamental role when developing our business and investment plans for the forthcoming financial year. We regard research work as an investment and use the findings to help make informed business decisions. Results in recent years have driven positive changes for both our customers and staff.

In order to understand our staff and customer experience better, we needed to get our market research right. Having worked using SNAP survey software in the past, we commissioned SNAP to manage our research projects, collate the data and report on the findings.

The staff at Snap provided Circadian Trust with in-depth knowledge and expertise, thorough data analysis with a breakdown of reports made applicable to each of our sites as well as providing an over-all picture of how the business is perceived and performing. The findings have and will continue to influence the way in which our business makes key decisions.”

Ben Beasley
Director of Commercial Development

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