Working From Home Survey

When working remotely, communication is more important than ever.

This ready-to-run Working From Home Survey lets you get feedback from employees en-masse, covering important issues such as engagement, connection to the rest of the team, productivity, equipment, and more.

The survey Product includes:

  • In-built reports give you instant insight into employee sentiments
  • 25 professionally designed questions
  • Full privacy policy included
  • GDPR data compliance
  • All data is stored on UK servers

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Professional questions, smart reports, better insights.

The Working From Home Survey is an all-in-one solution; featuring a carefully crafted questionnaire, dynamic reports, and one-click analysis.

Anyone in the organisation can run the survey – just share the URL and click the Reports button once the results are in!

Effortless one-click reports to drive your strategy

With the click of a button you’ll generate a dynamic report that tells you the key findings.

An example of this would be:

 “86% of staff agree or strongly agree that they are happy working from home”

These easy-to-run reports will help you drive your strategy to maintain employee morale, productivity and engagement.

Questions that touch on remote-working painpoints

Remote work is a luxury for many, but it does have its challenges. We’ve included questions on a wide range of topics to help you build up a clear picture of employee sentinment.

  • Work-life balance
  • Suitability of equipment
  • Morale
  • Productivity
  • Team spirit and a connection to the wider business
  • What extra support may be needed

Working from Home Survey by Snap Surveys

Culture through data

Understanding your employees’ feelings will shape your strategy for creating a positive culture that engages your workforce.

This Working From Home Survey can provide you with the relevant, meaningful insights you need to make remote working a long-term success.

Pricing plans

There are two options to choose from, depending on the size and needs of your organisation.

  • Free (for up to 50 employees, use multiple times)
  • Professional: Get in touch for a quote

 For the Free version, click Get Started. You will then create your account and access your survey.

For the Professional version, click Request a Quote. This option will suit businesses with over 50 employees and offers the ability to customise your survey.

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