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One-day Conference Survey

The One-day Conference Survey offers event survey questions and an instant report – helping you get great event feedback from those who attended your conference.

  • One-day conference survey questions
  • Instant report to help you see the bigger picture
  • Include your organisation’s branding and logo
  • GDPR compliance
  • All data stored on US servers

All the hard work has been done for you. Set up the online survey and run it in just a few minutes.

What feedback will I get?

By using the pre-built One-day Conference Survey, you can:

  • Compare scores for conference speakers
  • Get an overall rating for the event
  • Receive open feedback for additional comments
  • Determine the demographic background of delegates
  • Use QR code for easy sharing in slides and handouts

Everything you need to easily get event feedback and quickly analyse your data, helping you evaluate the success of your conference!


What’s included in the pre-built One-day Conference Survey?

  • Two customisable satisfaction questions where delegates rate the speakers and organisational aspects of your conference
  • ‘Overall’ rating question with five answer options (Very good to Very poor)
  • Two customisable free-text questions for the good and the bad
  • Optional question of your choice with either single, multiple or free-text response options
  • Three demographic questions: gender, age and location
  • Three free-text questions for collecting three words that best describe the experience of the conference

Putting your own stamp on the One-day Conference Survey

As part of the survey set up there is an opportunity to connect directly with the delegates by:

  • Writing your questionnaire title, introduction, and thank-you text
  • Including your organisation’s logo
  • Redirecting delegates to your chosen webpage on completion

As well as explaining in your own words why you are asking for feedback and how this will be invaluable for shaping future events, it also fosters recognition in your brand, all of which can help improve response rates.

Instant report – understanding your data at a glance

With just one click, get a report that presents a concise summary of your feedback in an easy-to-understand way. For example: Percentage bar charts for Speakers, Venue and Demographic questions. The top and bottom 3 satisfaction scores. A word cloud and lists for open comment questions.

The clarity in this report means you can quickly understand what delegates thought about your conference and how you can use this insight in the future.

No need to be an expert

The One-day Conference Survey is designed to be incredibly easy to use. You’ll get it running in just a few clicks!

Try it today.

Pricing plans

There are three options to choose from, depending on the needs of your organisation.

  • Free trial – build and check the survey out with up to 10 test responses
  • $315 – web & paper questionnaires with publish-ready reports for one-day conferences with up to 150 delegates
  • $630 – web & paper questionnaires with publish-ready reports for one-day conferences with up to 500 delegates
  • If you are expecting more than 500 delegates, please contact us by clicking ‘Find out more’.

A minimum of of 5 responses is required to generate the report.

For the Free version, click Get Started for free. You will then create your account and access your survey.

For the either of the paid versions, click ‘Find out more’ and submit your details.

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