We understand that Human Resources departments are facing increasingly diverse challenges – from overseeing staff welfare and development through to organizational strategy and planning. But, gathering employee feedback doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With Snap survey software, you have the capability to administer, manage, and report on employee feedback. We also offer complete solutions and research services that you need to measure and manage talent, maintain operational excellence, and help your employer achieve their objectives.

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360 degree employee feedback

With Grouped Questionnaires, you can ask different questions to different groups all within the same questionnaire, and analyze & report on compiled results, completing the 360 degree workplace circle of feedback. Gather direct feedback from an employee’s subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation. You can also gather feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers, or other interested stakeholders.

Here are just some of the ways HR departments are using Snap Surveys:

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Business improvement surveys
  • 360 degree employee feedback
  • Benefits surveys
  • Employee performance appraisal
  • Professional development surveys
  • Exit surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys

Snap survey software

Surveys can play a key role in helping you recruit, retain and develop the talented people you need to operate your business effectively. Some of the key features of Snap survey software are:

Design professional surveys

Create dynamic and engaging surveys in any language. Use email alerts to improve responsiveness – these can be triggered by specific replies, enabling departments to promptly take any necessary action.

Surveys that reach anyone, anywhere

Produce online, mobile, kiosk, tablet or paper versions of your survey with the option to scan in paper replies, and bring all results together for easy analysis. Capture better feedback instantly with mobile interviewing – seamless event-based or on-street interviewing, even in total Wi-Fi black spots.

Share results with clients and colleagues

Share analysis and reports in real time with clients and colleagues. Produce personalized Smart Reports for individual groups and teams and give colleagues a login to view results and Smart Reports, showing benchmarked replies and tailored to their role or department.

Work with us to develop a Ready-to-Run survey

With our expert teams of software developers and survey researchers, we are uniquely placed to build customized, automated Ready-To-Run Survey solutions specifically for you. Examples of work we have done in this area include:

  • A Holiday Park company came to us because they wanted an innovative survey solution to manage performance benchmarking for member holiday parks, and to help improve visitor loyalty and staff motivation. Over 400 BH&HPA member sites already take part.
  • A major leisure group asked us to set up an automated solution to deliver benchmarking reports on a quarterly basis to improve management information at all levels. There are 100 different versions of the PowerPoint presentation produced which benchmarks local performance against regional and national benchmarks.

Expert research services

Let us take the strain when time or resources are limited. Our experienced team can help you with any part of the survey process, from designing your questionnaire to online hosting, data entry and of course, reporting.

  • Surveys can be out-sourced in part or in full.
  • We can assist with questionnaire design, data entry including scanned paper surveys, hosting web surveys and collecting data, as well as producing tabulations and reports.
  •  If you like the sound of our Ready-To-Run surveys but don’t see what you need, why not work with us to build a Ready-To-Run Survey specific to your needs?