We want to ensure that you get the most out of your Snap Survey Software. Take a look at the step by step videos, print off the handy guide, then you are ready to start designing your first professional questionnaire in Snap.

Don't forget we have plenty of other resources to help you, including online help, worksheets, helpdesk and training.

Step by step videos

Please note that all our videos are high quality HD, and will look their best if you view them full screen.

Introduction to online surveys

See how online surveys fit into the survey process with Snap Survey software.

Create an online survey

We look at using different question styles, routing, response validation and much more.

Distribute an online survey

See how to upload and schedule your surveys using Snap WebHost, our online survey management system.

View real-time results

See how to view results online and download data to your desktop, ready for in-depth analysis.

Send email invitations

See how to send email invitations and reminders. We also show you how to use text substitution, question routing, and information from your database to personalise surveys for each respondent.

* To host your online surveys on Snap’s WebHost server free of charge for 30 days, please contact us at sales@snapsurveys.com or 603-610-8700.

Snap help and support

We like to think we give you that little bit of extra support at Snap. When you buy Snap Survey Software you automatically receive 12 months free HelpDesk support and free updates.

Training and consultancy

Scheduled training courses have been developed to ensure you, and your colleagues, really do get the best from our Survey Software. We also offer online training, topics covered can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs using samples you provide.