Agile teamwork brings your project to life

Easily share projects with your team or client from wherever you're working.

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Team collaboration within Snap Online.

You're in control

Permission-based sharing lets you decide who gets access and who can make changes.

Permission controls within Snap Online.

Always in sync

Access the latest version of your survey from anywhere. Keep your workflow efficient and eliminate project duplication and confusion.

Syncing projects between Snap Online and Snap Desktop.

Bring minds together

Work together on survey design and share analysis reports with clients or team members, wherever they're working.

Smart reports.

Keep connected, stay secure

Security shield.

Security you can rely on

Use our ISO 27001 certified servers or install on your servers to control your own security.

Connecting platforms with API.

Connect our platform to yours

Streamline your data management process with our API.

Auditing changes in Snap Online.

Keep track of changes

Access an audit-log of who made changes to your survey and when they did it.

Reach your research goals

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