March Webinars 2019

Tips and Tricks for Using Snap

A two webinar sessions, covering a variety of tips and tricks for using Snap to its full potential.

Session 1: Monday 18 March, 12:00 ET

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The first session will cover dynamic web pages, using Snap’s Style mode, Insert options, tips for previewing, and ‘Other’ response based text substitution.

Setting up dynamic web pages to show respondents when they complete a survey

  • Based on answers to the survey, or based on language
  • Looping or Daisy Chaining a survey
  • Seeding Data in a QR code

Using Snap’s Style Mode to format a survey

  • General advice for formatting your survey
  • Naming styles for the benefit of Templates

Key tips for previewing a survey

  • How to remove Must Answer and Routing
  • Setting a limit for the number of characters in a Multi-Line response box

Using Insert options in Questionnaire Design

  • Adding hyperlinks such as Privacy Statements
  • Including HTML such as hover text, line breaks and email hyperlinks
  • Inserting video and sound clips
  • Substituting ‘Other’ response text elsewhere in a survey

Session 2: Monday 25 March, 12:00 ET

Watch recorded session →
The second webinar will show you the new Summary Tables Report feature, Grid Tables, reviewing routing, and how to categorise free text responses.

New Snap feature: Summary Tables Report

  • New options for ordering within the Summary Tables Report and Summary Report
  • Updated ordering options within Tables and Charts

Categorise and count responses given in a free text box

  • Options for using Auto Category variables.

How to review routing

  • Checking routing dependencies
  • Tailoring variable options for printing

Using Text Grids to highlight data

  • Adding a Text Grid to reports to draw attention to key bits of data

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