Are your customers satisfied? Happy customers, whether product purchasers or service users, are more likely to stay with your organization, buy more products and services, recommend you to new customers and be more forgiving when mistakes occur. So how can you improve customer satisfaction?

You need to ask customers what they think of your organization. Does your product represent good quality in their eyes? What do they think of your delivery, communication, and even your premises? Why do they buy your product when they do, and why do they buy from you and not from your competitor?

A customer satisfaction survey can provide you with this information. You can use it to make informed decisions, modify your products and services to meet customer requirements, and ultimately increase the profitability of your organization.

Survey software that allows you to capture data in the most appropriate way

Customer satisfaction surveys are easy using Snap survey software. Snap handles all the steps in the survey process from questionnaire design and publication to data entry and analysis. Snap’s versatile questionnaire publication tools enable you to approach customers in the most appropriate way:

  • Print paper questionnaires to mail to customers or to hand to them when they visit.
  • Use web surveys to ask visitors to your website what they think of it, or email them to invite them to take part in a satisfaction survey when they have used your service or bought a product from you.
  • Use kiosk surveys to get direct and immediate feedback from customers in your premises.
  • Use hand-held devices to interview actual and potential customers on the spot.
  • Use Snap’s multi-language capabilities to adapt questionnaires for any world market.
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Whichever method has been used for collection data, all the data can be merged and collated for analysis including the generation of sophisticated Smart Reports which can be run off for each department, location, region or country as appropriate.

Snap survey software is one of very few products available that is flexible enough, and powerful enough to run Net Promoter Score surveys.

Our Research Services can help out just when you need it

Customer satisfaction surveys can be out-sourced in part or in full to our Research services team. With a wealth of experience in this area, Research Services ensures that the objectives identified in the research brief are met, data is collected and managed to the highest levels of accuracy, and results are presented in an intelligible yet comprehensive form.

Whether it is help developing questionnaires, or translating into other languages, or developing sophisticated Smart Reports, or just hosting online questionnaires, Research Services can assist. Research Services is a professional survey management service with over 25 years’ experience. No matter how small or large the survey task, our Research Services team can help.