New product launch: Employee Engagement Survey

woman stood up smiling to camera while office workers sit around at a table working behind her

It’s time to announce the launch of our new Employee Engagement Survey.

With the pandemic changing the way people feel about work, 25% of the British workforce has either resigned or plans to. In the US, 4.4 million Americans resigned in 2021.

This makes employee retention more important than ever – and employee engagement surveys offer the perfect solution.

And we have a pre-built survey to offer smaller businesses – FOR FREE!

Available on our marketplace, our employee engagement solution has everything you need.

It’ll help you find out how their values, goals and desired outcomes align with yours.

• Choose up to 22 professionally designed questions
• Easy one-click analysis
• Quick summaries and in-depth reports
• GDPR data compliance
• Select UK or US servers to store your data

It’s a ready-to-run survey that requires no previous experience – easy to use but with full functionality to deliver the crucial insights.

It’ll help you start putting your employees first today.

Try Snap XMP for free today

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