Snap Surveys CEO awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Market Research Society (MRS)

Steve Jenkins

We’re delighted to share that our CEO – Dr Steve Jenkins – has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the MRS.

The Fellowship has been awarded for Dr Jenkins’ work on the Triple-S survey interchange standard – a recognisable standard for transferring data and variables between survey systems.

Steve conducted this work alongside Keith Hughes and Geoff Wright, who also received Honorary Fellowships.

He said:

“We feel very honoured to be awarded Honorary Fellowships in respect of our work on the Triple-S standard.

“We first met as a group over 30 years ago to work on reducing the problems often encountered when transferring survey data between analysis systems. Although we were all from different companies, each with our own commercial perspective, we worked as a group to build the standard across versions as it evolved.

“It was a challenging but enjoyable exercise, and we must give thanks to the ASC for supporting our work, and to Peter Wills for providing the initial inspiration.”

They were put forward by The Association for Survey Computing board member Jerome Sopocka.

Honorary Fellowships are awarded to eminent public and business figures who have championed, or who demonstrate the power of research, insight, or data from outside the sector.

Click below for a full list of MRS Honorary Fellows.

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