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Get effortless insights with online survey solutions from Snap Surveys. Helping you measure every kind of experience – from remote working to customer satisfaction.

Empower strategic improvements with our collaborative feedback platform, expert research consultants, and pre-built survey solutions.

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Snap Offline Interviewer

Your internet connection might let you down, but our Offline Interviewer won’t. Use Snap to capture feedback at the point of experience.

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Snap XMP

The secure, collaborative survey platform to measure every experience.

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Paper surveys with scanning

Increase response rates and target hard-to-reach communities.

Paper surveys with scanning and analytics

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure surveys start at the point of entry - thanks to MFA requiring all users to verify their sign-in from their device.

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People-driven survey solutions.
Supporting you every step of the way.

Measure every experience

Uncover next-level insights with the Snap XMP survey platform, the experience measurement platform that transforms data into knowledge.


Deliver engaging surveys

All the online tools you need to get insightful feedback.


Bring minds together

Share survey projects


Discover and analyse insights that drive change

Take action backed by informed strategic decisions based on your survey feedback.

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Your projects. Our expertise.

Our experienced Research Projects team are with you every step of the way. From best practice survey design and reporting to custom feedback solutions – our survey experts will help you deliver your project goals.

Achieve your research goals

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