Questionnaire topics: Customising questions

You can customise the questions in your questionnaire using the topics menu in the Questionnaire window.

  • Alignment sets left, centre or right alignment for each question element.
  • Background sets the colours and patterns of the background for question elements.  To set backgrounds for the entire questionnaire use page set-up.
  • Border allows you to apply borders to questions.
  • Boxes sets the shape and size of the boxes for the question codes.
  • Break inserts a page break, column break or a section break.
  • Columns sets the number of columns used to display the question codes.
  • Compound specifies whether the grid is part of a compound grid. This is only available in Design mode.
  • Find allows text to be found and/or replaced with questionnaire text.
  • Font sets the font type,size andcolor, with settings for bold, italics, underline.
  • Margins sets the left, right, top and bottom margins for each element of a question or text item.
  • Numbering shows the method of question numbering for each question, together with inclusion and exclusion of Q’s, full stops and brackets.
  • Positions sets the position of question text and code boxes relative to each other.
  • Response sets the response type of each question to either single, multiple, quantity, literal, date or time.
  • Show enables you to select which elements you wish to display on the questionnaire, and which you would like to hide.
  • Tabs specifies the relative spaces apportioned to individual elements within a question.