Setting the response type

When you create a question, a default response type is set for the question style. You can change the response type according to the question style and the requirements of the questionnaire.

Multi-choice, Single choice and Grid questions

Response Description
Multiple A Single Choice, Multi choice or Grid question where the respondent can select one or more answers.
Single A Single Choice, Multi choice or Grid question where the respondent can select one answer. For example, Yes/No or Age group questions.

Open Ended, Open First and Open Next questions

Response Description
Quantity The respondent can only enter numbers. The data length defaults to 8 and can be changed using the Variable properties window.
Literal This allows the respondent to enter free format text such as names and comments. The default length is 100.
Date This question captures dates in a wide range of formats, entering the day, month and year. This allows different international standards. The maximum length is 20 characters.
Time This question captures times in either 12 or 24 hour format. You can use a.m. and p.m. suffixes.

Changing the response type

  1. Select the question required, or a part of the question required. The toolbar will display the response types appropriate to that type of question.
  2. Select Response in the toolbar topic list.
Setting a multiple response for a multi choice question
Setting a literal response for an open ended question
  1. Select the appropriate response from those available for that question type.
  2. The respondent can only enter responses of the specified type.

If you wish to change the response type for all questions using the current style, then click the Set All button. The Set All option is only available in Style mode. This will also set the underlying response type for that particular style so any new questions created with that style would have the same response type.