Changing question numbers

By default, the question numbers in Snap XMP Desktop start from Q1 and the question number is stored as the variable name. You can control the appearance of the questions numbers on the questionnaire. In Design mode DesignModeIcon.png you can select a different question number style from a list of options as well as change the appearance of how the numbers are presented. Style mode StyleModeIcon.png allows you to specify the question number options displayed in the list.

  1. Open the Questionnaire window in Design mode DesignModeIcon.png .
  2. Select the question that you wish to change.
  3. Change the toolbar topic to Numbering. There are three controls for numbering.
    • A drop-down list of types of numbering
    • A Name field showing the appearance of the question number
    • A Grid Name field showing the number appearance for grid questions
  1. Click on an element in the Name or Grid Name boxes to switch its display on or off. Any part that is shown in grey will not be displayed; any part in bold will display. In the example only the letter Q and the number 1 is in bold, everything else is grey.

Control over the presentation of the numbering of question names does not change the question number stored in the survey. If the numbering system does not use the letter Q, the question Q1 in the questionnaire still has the variable name Q1 in the list of variables.

Hiding question numbers

You can hide the question numbers in your survey. This helps in online questionnaires with routing, where you do not want the respondent to see that they are not answering questions in number sequence.

Hiding all question numbers in your survey

  1. Click StyleModeIcon.png to go into Style mode.
  2. Select All Styles from the style dropdown list.
  3. Select Show from the toolbar topic menu.
  4. Select Name (for question numbers) or Grid Name (for grid question numbers) from the element list.
  1. Clear the Show box to hide the question numbers.

Hiding the question number for an individual question

  1. Click DesignModeIcon.png to go into Design mode.
  2. Select the question.
  3. Select Show from the toolbar topic menu.
  4. Select Name (for question numbers) or Grid Name (for grid question numbers) from the element list.
  1. Clear the Show box to hide the question number for the selected question only.

Changing the texts to remove references to question numbers

When respondents complete an online questionnaire, they are shown a message if they miss a question that they must answer. By default, these messages contain the question number. If your survey does not display the question number, it is confusing when it appears in a message, so you should change the messages as well. You can do this by editing the messages individually.

  1. Open your survey in the Questionnaire window.
  2. Click Questionnaire Properties QuestionnairePropsIcon.png on the Questionnaire window toolbar to open the Questionnaire Properties dialog.
  3. Scroll down the sections in the left hand pane until you get to Texts and select it.
  4. Look through the list of texts and edit the text where it refers to question numbers. Question numbers replace the string {question} wherever it appears in the texts.
  5. Click Save As to save all the messages to a new file. You can then use this file in other surveys.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.