Shorten Your Online Survey for a Better Response Rate

Create higher response rates with proper online survey length

A streamlined online survey is more efficient and can yield a higher response rate. The shorter the online survey, the more likely respondents will complete it. The length of your online survey depends on many factors. Ideally, the length of your online survey is based on the number of relevant questions asked and the optimal length that will convince someone to respond. Beware that using extra questions in your survey may have a negative effect on your response rate, so only develop questions that are pertinent to your survey research objectives. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Add Slider Control Questions to Online Surveys

Learn how to add slider control questions to your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

What are slider controlsSlider controls are graphical image-based controls for collecting data in an online survey. The slider control tool includes graphics and templates to make it quick and easy to add simple slider bars to a published online survey. Here is an example of a slider control:





Slider controls add value to your online surveys and are an innovative way to engage survey respondents. Why not give slider controls a try in your next online survey?

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Don’t Disappoint Your Online Survey Respondents

Screen your online survey respondents, but don’t disappoint

When conducting market research, not all of your online survey respondents will qualify to complete your survey. When developing your market research surveys, it is good practice to use screening questions to ensure respondents are relevant to your research. Not all survey respondents will qualify. Even the most advanced panel samples will contain some potential participants that do not meet your screening criteria. For example, if the topic of your research survey requires that respondents be female and employed full-time, most respondents will hopefully meet this requirement, but some unfortunately will not. Therefore, they will need to be screened out.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Live Update Online Survey Respondents

Learn how-to live update online survey respondents on Snap WebHost

Have you come across the need to update the respondents in your live online survey hosted on our online survey management system, Snap WebHost. There could be several reasons why you need to update your respondents, including:

  • You realize that you have seeded the wrong data for respondents that you had already uploaded (for example, their addresses are wrong)
  • You need to add more respondents for a current, live online survey
  • You want to run the online survey again with a completely new set of respondents

Updating your respondents is easy, while the survey is still in progress. Don’t worry. This process does not delete information about respondents who have already completed the survey.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Limit the Number of Respondents in an Online Survey

Use quotas in Snap Survey Software to limit the number of respondents in an online survey

There may be times when a specified sample of online survey respondents is required. In this instance, quotas may be used to limit the number of respondents in identified categories. For example, to limit the numbers of males and females completing your online survey, or to limit the numbers in each age group, you can simply set-up a quota.

Once the quota has been reached, further respondents will be routed to the end of the survey. It is recommended that questions used by the quota are placed as close to the beginning of the survey as possible to avoid unnecessary questions be asked. Continue reading

Survey Design and Development: Understanding How Respondents Answer Questions

The Role of a Researcher is to ensure that their survey questionnaire is understandable and respondents interpret the questions the way in which the Researcher intended.  If this is done, the Respondents can answer accurately and truthfully, ensuring a good survey outcome. Continue reading

Snap Surveys Partners with Cint to Increase Survey Research Capabilities

Snap Surveys has partnered with Cint, a provider of SaaS-based solutions for market research. The partnership includes the integration of Cint Direct Sample (CDS), enabling Snap Surveys clients to perform their own market research. Snap clients will have automated access to millions of high-quality online respondents worldwide, giving clients the tools to access sample panels to integrate into survey research projects.  Continue reading