Snap Survey Software How-to: Add Slider Control Questions to Online Surveys

Learn how to add slider control questions to your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

What are slider controlsSlider controls are graphical image-based controls for collecting data in an online survey. The slider control tool includes graphics and templates to make it quick and easy to add simple slider bars to a published online survey. Here is an example of a slider control:





Slider controls add value to your online surveys and are an innovative way to engage survey respondents. Why not give slider controls a try in your next online survey?

We provide a worksheet describing how to make quantity and single-response questions appear as draggable slider control bars. Respondents can then easily drag the slider instead of choosing a response from a list or typing in a number.

To include a slider control in your next online survey, the easy steps include:

  1. Set up the questions in the survey in Snap and publish your survey.
  2. Open the published survey file in the slider bar program.
  3. Select the question(s) to convert.
  4. Define the bar and slider you are using.
  5. Check if you need to adjust the size or position of the image.
  6. Process the questions to add slider bars to the online survey.

Worksheet: Adding slider controls to your online survey

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