New Worksheet: Create a Survey for Online, Face-to-Face, and on Kiosks

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can create a survey for distribution online, face-to-face, and on a kiosk

Snap Survey Software allows you to create different editions of your online questionnaire so you can adapt the design to be viewed on a tablet, kiosk screen, or smartphone.

Respondents can complete surveys by:

  1. Being interviewed (or using a kiosk). If you know that interviewers and kiosks use devices with very different screens (for example, an iPad and a small smartphone), you might want to lay out your survey differently for the different devices.
  2. Browsing the internet. You can handle different screen sizes by setting up an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost that changes according to their screen size.

In some cases, you may want a respondent to be able to complete a questionnaire in both ways. We have developed a worksheet describing how you can set-up a survey with different editions for Snap WebHost and Snap Mobile Anywhere. If respondents are completing the survey on their own device (tablet, etc.), you need to provide a questionnaire that fits devices with different screen sizes. You do this by creating an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost. If you are using Snap Mobile Anywhere and you know that a survey is only going to be seen on one type of device, you can design for that screen size and set of features. (If you are not sure what device your respondents will use, then you can provide separate versions of the survey, depending whether they use a tablet or a smartphone.) The worksheet also explains how you can combine your results.

The steps in the worksheet include:

  • Step 1: Create a single Mobile edition for Snap Mobile Anywhere
  • Step 2: Assign your survey to the interviewer or kiosk
  • Step 3: Create and upload Snap Mobile Anywhere edition for devices with different screen sizes
  • Step 4: Publish and upload the other edition(s)
  • Step 5: Add adaptive Snap WebHost editions
  • Step 6: Importing all the responses into Snap Survey Software

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 2

Step 2: Think about your target audience

How, when, and to whom is the questionnaire going to be delivered?

multi-mode-surveyWhere are participants likely to be viewing your questionnaire? Will they be on the move, at home, in the office? This should dictate the length of the questionnaire and the type of questions you create.

19% of online surveys are now competed on a Smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.* The attention span of a participant on a Smartphone is generally going to be shorter than someone using a PC. Different question styles suit different devices. Grid questions, for example, are better on larger screen-sizes than on a Smartphone. Continue reading

End Your Summer with a Survey Software Training

End your summer with a Snap Survey Software training either online, at your facility, or at ours.

snap 11 logo - survey-softwareWhat type of software training meets your needs? Snap Surveys offers many convenient online training opportunities, as well as training at any of our locations.  Find a training course that works best for you and schedule it at your convenience.

Whether you are new to Snap Survey Software or an advanced user, we have training opportunities that will meet your needs. Training courses are offered in sessions scheduled at your request, on a day and time that is convenient for you or your team. We do offer training topics, including:  Continue reading

Benefits of Mobile Interviewing with Snap Mobile Anywhere

With Snap Mobile Anywhere, researchers can collect replies anytime, anywhere using mobile devices and kiosks. 

Snap Mobile Anywhere has many great features that can benefit any survey researcher. From uninterrupted connectivity, to easily share analysis and reports, Snap Mobile Anywhere has the features you need to benefit from mobile interviewing.

Snap Mobile Anywhere Features 

24/7 uninterrupted interviewing

mobile-interviewing-surveysLosing connectivity during field research can be frustrating and can lead to higher drop-out rates and missed opportunities. Snap Mobile Anywhere has been designed to work both online and offline. Surveys and data are automatically synced when a connection becomes available, so you can be sure of uninterrupted interviewing, wherever you are. Continue reading

Consider Snap Surveys – The Complete Survey Software

Survey Software Review: Snap – The Complete Survey Software

survey-software-repliesAs you review survey software solutions available on the market, consider reviewing what sets Snap Survey Software apart from the competition. Find out what distinguishes our survey software and feedback management solutions from others.

Why do our customers choose Snap Survey Software as their solution to their survey software needs? Here’s why:  Continue reading

14 Tips to Improve Response Rates

Want to learn 14 tips to improve response rates? We’ll start with 1 – 7.

The higher the response rate, the better. But getting that high response rate can be difficult. Here are seven easy tips for improving your overall survey response rates.

Response Rate Tips 1 – 7

  1. Administer a pre-survey email. A pre-survey email can easily help warm up your respondent sample to the idea of completing your survey. Inform the sample of when they can expect to receive the survey, by what mode (online, mobile, paper, etc.), and explain the incentives (if applicable) and the benefits of the research to the respondent.
  2. Introduce yourself. Compose a well written introduction statement at the beginning of your survey detailing the importance of respondents’ opinions, comments, and overall feedback.
  3. Don’t use sales jargon. When administering an online survey, make sure that your email invitation does not contain text that is too focused on sales or may sound like it is promoting your business.  Customers don’t want to feel like they’re participating in a survey that is too self-promoting. Instead, personalize the invitation and make it more attractive to participants. Continue reading

Have You Upgraded to Snap 11 Survey Software?

If you haven’t upgraded to Snap 11 Survey Software yet, why not do it today!

snap-survey-softwareOur latest release, Snap 11 Survey Software, has been designed to give users a complete survey software solution. Create, administer, and manage online, paper, kiosk, and mobile surveys, analyze data, and generate reports in one complete system.

Why upgrade to Snap 11 Survey Software?

We have introduced many new features to Snap 11 Survey Software. Continue reading

Latest Snap Survey Software Release 11.05 Now Available

Update now to the latest Snap Survey Software release 11.05

Snap Software UpdatesSnap Surveys has released update 11.05 for Snap 10 Survey Software. If you are a current software user, click here to update to this latest version. You will need your Install Code to complete your update. You can find the installation code (in the form XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) in the welcome pack sent with your copy of the software.

If you haven’t updated your survey software lately, update to the all new Snap 11

View a full list of software release notes for Snap 11.05, including additions and fixes.

If you are not currently a Snap Survey Software user, learn more about what we have to offer. Snap 11 Survey Software is a complete solution for survey design, administration, data collection and management, analysis, and reporting. Snap Survey Software supports all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, mobile surveys, paper surveys for scanning, kiosk surveys, and phone surveys, in any language with advanced analysis capabilities (tables, charts, and descriptive statistics) and reporting options. The software is a very extensible survey software solution – MS Access or SQL database connectivity and seamless integration with SPSS and MS Office.

Learn more about Snap Survey Software

Snap Survey Software How-to: Run a Kiosk Survey

Learn how to create a kiosk survey using Snap Survey Software

survey-software-elephant-kiosksCreate and run a survey to use in standalone kiosk mode using Snap Survey Software. Once created, your kiosk survey is loaded onto a kiosk over the Internet using Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Once in kiosk mode, the device will only display the selected survey, displaying the first page of the kiosk survey by default. For ease-of-use, if someone starts the survey, but does not complete it, the screen resets back to the first page after a specified time. You can choose whether to keep partially-completed multi-page surveys. When someone completes a kiosk survey, their response is automatically submitted. You can upload responses automatically to the Snap WebHost server, and you can then download them and analyze results in Snap Survey Software. Continue reading

Paper Surveys Are Not Dead – They Are Very Much Alive!

Design and Administer Paper Surveys with Snap Survey Software 

multi-mode-surveys-for-survey-softwareMany Snap Surveys customers choose Snap Survey Software because it gives users the flexibility to run surveys in a range of modes. You can provide your respondents with flexible options and accessibility through a combination of:

Depending upon your audience, paper surveys can prove more effective than other modes of survey research for collecting responses. Additionally, administering paper surveys in conjunction with other survey modes can help boost response rates, particularly if you need to target survey respondents in harder to reach communities or if you need to fulfill strict quotas. Continue reading