Alternative uses for survey software: Event booking forms


Holding an event, whether it’s a large scale conference or internal staff training, involves planning and coordination. You need an accurate headcount, contact details for attendees, and their requirements and preferences, to streamline the planning process. This is where survey software can help; create event booking forms for your website, or send out event invitations, to gather responses and all the details you need to ensure an event’s success.

Using survey software to organize an event

Before setting up any questionnaires or event booking forms, you need to be clear about the purpose of the event and who the target audience is. Once you outline the purpose, consider the format, schedule, locations, times, and dates and any other aspect such as transportation and catering. This will help you to understand the details you need to share with attendees, the questions you need to ask them to get the right information, and how you distribute your event booking form.

Survey software helps you to gather the details you need through booking forms on your website or email event invitations with a questionnaire. You can ask attendees for their name and contact details. Then use multiple choice questions, interactive images, and ratings to create an interactive questionnaire that gathers all the necessary information.

Email alerts can be used as confirmation for attendees, or to notify the event organizers about a response. And, reporting tools will help to monitor responses, and show an overview of requirements for the event.

Survey forms for event booking

These are just a few of the ways in which survey software can be used to organize an event:

Internal staff training

Use a survey to coordinate event bookings for staff training sessions; the questionnaire can offer a choice of times and venues, and ask for any required personal details. Set up limits for responses, so that sessions can’t be overbooked, and use email alerts to send confirmations to staff.

Event booking form

Set up a survey form on a website for people to sign up to attend an event. The form can gather their name, contact details, and allow them to choose between events or specify requirements. Email alerts can be set up to notify relevant staff members when someone has signed up to an event, or to email the attendee a booking confirmation.

Email event invitation

Send out an invitation to an event via email, with a questionnaire that gathers RSVPs and all the details needed in order to plan and coordinate the event.

Follow up email event invitation

If you already have a list of attendees for your event, email them a survey asking for details about their preferences, interests or anything else that can help tailor the event to your audience and simplify the event planning process.

Event registration form

Set up an event registration form for attendees to complete when they arrive, The information from this can then be used to send an automated email with event details, thanking them for attendance, or to ask for feedback.

Event follow up survey

It’s always important to evaluate the success of an event so you can make adjustments and improvements for the next one. Send out a survey to ask attendees what they liked, disliked, how to improve, and whether they would attend an event again. This could be distributed as a paper survey to gather feedback during and after the event, or sent out via email automatically once the event has finished.

Survey software for booking forms

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