Create A Customized Course Evaluation Solution

Create a customized course evaluation solution for your growing educational institution

This content was updated on November 17, 2018.

Whether starting out the new school year or mid-way through, there is no better time than the present to get started developing your course evaluations.

course-evaluation-surveyAre you looking for a more efficient course evaluation solution? With Snap Survey Software, educational institutions can easily administer and collect data directly from students, generate analysis, and create & distribute simple or advanced reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement. Continue reading

Too Early To Talk Course Evaluations? It’s Never Too Early.

School is back in session, and before we know it, it will be time to administer course evaluations.

course-evaluationWe have pulled together several great topics on Course Evaluations in the Snap Surveys Blog. Checkout some of the great past posts listed below.

Enhance Learning with a Course Evaluation System

Your educational institution can enhance student learning through the use of a comprehensive Course Evaluation System

5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations

Common features of an online course evaluation and 5 tips you can use to increase course evaluation response rates

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Why Endicott College Research Center Uses Snap WebHost In-House Installation

Learn why Endicott College Research Center uses Snap WebHost installed on their own servers to administer and manage surveys.

More and more Snap Surveys customers are choosing the unique benefits of an in-house installation of Snap WebHost. We asked Michael Roberts, Research Operations Manager at Endicott College Research Center, about their current survey projects, and why their team preferred an in-house installation of Snap WebHost.


Endicott College Research CenterEndicott College Research Center uses Snap WebHost to administer Accreditation surveys for schools all over New England (secondary schools accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)) as well as all over the world (The NEASC Commission on International Education (CIE) and The Council of International Schools – (CIS)). They work in conjunction with these accreditation bodies to help these schools with the Self Study portion of their accreditation renewal report. Surveys are administered via Snap WebHost to every student, faculty member, staff member, and parent in the school community. They then collate the results from each response group into a cohesive report.  Continue reading

Best of 2013 Blog Posts – How-tos in Survey Software

What are some of the best Snap Survey Software Blog topics posted in 2013? Take a look.

Snap-SurveysWe have many how-to resources and we shared many throughout 2013. Here is a recap of how-tos for survey design, online surveys, mobile surveys, course evaluations, analysis and reporting, and more:

Survey Design

Snap Survey Software How-to: Better Manage Your Survey Files

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Question Bank

Snap Survey Software How-to: Translate Your Surveys

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use the Totalize Function to Add Responses

Snap Survey Software How-to: Randomize the Order of Question Pages

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a New Language Edition of a Survey

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Best of 2013 Blog Posts – Education

algood-course-evaluationWe continue to take a look back at some of the best Snap Survey Software Blog topics posted in 2013.

algood-course-evaluationalgood-course-evaluationalgood-course-evaluationCatch-up now on some informative topics in education, including topics on course evaluations, alumni surveys, and more.

Education Surveys

education surveysHow Can Survey Software Help Those in Education?

It’s That Time of Year for Course Evaluations

Improve Student Learning With Course Evaluations

4 Reasons to Create an Online Course Evaluation System

5 Benefits of Online Course Evaluations

Manage a Panel Project of Online Course Evaluations

6 Tips for Designing Effective Course Evaluations

Alumni Surveys with Online Survey Software

The Main Objectives of Alumni Surveys

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How Can Survey Software Help Those in Education?

How can you use survey software at your educational institution?

Snap Survey Software offers a range of features that help those in education and training get the information they need to make better decisions.  The functionality, versatility, and ease of use of Snap Survey Software make it the ideal survey solution for the education industry.

Use Snap Survey Software to create:

  • Course Evaluations
  • Instructor Evaluations
  • Student and Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Academic research projects
  • Needs Assessments
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Institutional Research Departmental Surveys
  • Longitudinal Studies

Snap’s latest survey software release, Snap 11, has been designed to give users all the professional tools they need to create, manage, and analyze surveys, in any language, and in any mode, including: online, paper (for scanning), mobile, phone, and kiosk surveys. Educational institutions and non-profit organizations benefit from a discount on Snap Surveys’ products and services, and we also offer a free student edition. Contact us for more information, and get started with Snap Survey Software today.

Survey Feedback and Reporting Solutions in Action

Explore some of our customers’ experiences with Snap Surveys’ survey feedback and reporting solutions

In yesterday’s post, Made to Measure Feedback and Reporting Solutions, we discussed how Snap Surveys can provide customers with a more customized feedback solution. “With our survey software solutions and services expertise,  we can provide you with everything a survey project requires, from questionnaire design and data management, to analysis and reporting. We also offer training, translation services, access to online panel samples, and custom technical development.”

As mentioned, we’re already working with clients in a wide range of sectors. We’d like to share with you some of their experiences. Continue reading

Contextual Reporting, New for Snap 11 Survey Software

Learn how to automate the management of multiple reports with Snap 11 Survey Software

Contextual Reporting, a Smart Reporting feature of Snap 11 Survey Software, can help you easily generate lists of reports from the same survey which contain data relevant to and configured to individual managers, departments, regions, etc. Once set-up, the relevant reports can be run over and over again. It’s an easy and effective way to automate the management of multiple reports. This comes in especially handy with course evaluations. Here is an example of a screenshot from a Contextualized Report.


You can view Smart Reporting options in action!  View the Snap 11 Survey Software preview webinars, now available to watch at your convenience.  Available reporting features, including Contextual Reporting in Snap 11 Survey Software, are available in Part 3 – Smart Reports.

>> Learn more about Snap 11 Survey Software

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Project of Course Evaluation Surveys

Learn how to create a project of course evaluation surveys with Snap Survey Software

Customers, particularly in the education and healthcare sectors, are increasingly using the panel surveys functionality in Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management platform, to manage a panel of surveys for individuals to complete online surveys over a period of time.

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What Can You Expect from Snap 11 Survey Software?

Snap 11 Survey Software is now available and ready to meet your survey needs 

snap 11 logo - survey-softwareSnap Surveys’ latest survey software release, Snap 11, has been designed to give customers all the professional tools they need to create, manage, and analyze online, paper, and mobile surveys.

What can you expect from Snap 11 Survey Software?

New design features

It’s now easier than ever to create professional looking surveys.

  • New questionnaire templates, question styles, and interactive question designs
  • Colorful options for progress indicators and navigation buttons
  • Updated sample questionnaires to illustrate some of the advanced survey features available in Snap 11
  • Improved file attachment enables participants to upload documents or images
  • And more…

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