Solutions to Traditional Employee Reviews

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What are some alternative solutions to traditional employee reviews?

Today, we discuss alternative solutions that organizations can carry out in their employee review process.

The process of traditional employee reviews has many organizations questioning their current review processes. The traditional employee review process is proving to be outdated and filled with inefficiencies. Those inefficiencies include:

  • No effective way to evaluate and measure good and bad employee aptitude
    • Subjective review of employees, based on the opinions of 1 or 2 individuals
    • Subjective measurement of employee performance
  • Produces low employee morale
  • Generates low employee loyalty

Companies need alternative solutions for creating an effective employee review process.

What are some employee review solutions?

Standard Updates. It is quite possible that employee reviews may not be necessary at all, provided that good lines of communication between employees and management remain open.  Rather than employee reviews, managers can simply practice standard communication techniques to update employees more frequently, which can yield the same results as employee reviews, but on a more regular basis and with less bias.  Bias opinions have a tendency to contaminate results of employee reviews.

Better Performance Measurement. There are objective ways to measure employee performance. Managers can track performance throughout the year, including project completions, task accomplishments, ongoing projects, mistakes, absenteeism, etc. All of these elements can be reviewed objectively by managers to measure employee performance over the course of the evaluation period, whether it be every 3 months, 6 months, or once a year.

Measure Through Surveys. Managers can use online surveys to quickly and effectively collect feedback about their employees from supervisors and other staff members that work directly with those employees.  Rather than base an employee’s performance on subjective opinions of one manager, all supervisors and co-workers can contribute feedback through an online survey. They can skip questions that do not pertain and score that employee based on their work together, while ensuring that they give full scores to employees who are doing very well. Scores can be presented to each employee in aggregate. If necessary, scores can be weighted according to the amount of time each worker has spent with each employee.

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