Ranking and Rating Levels of Expectation in Your Survey Questionnaire

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When designing your customer satisfaction survey, each respondent is likely to have their own standards and levels of expectation.  These unique and individual customer satisfaction standards would equate to each point on a rating scale.  To maintain consistency in your performance evaluation, you should always specify the context of the question. For instance, the customer expectation levels would be different from a two star hotel to a four star hotel. 

The rating scale may be a 3 point scale: 

“More than expected,” “As expected,” or “Less than expected,” where “As Expected” is based on similar situations. 

The rating scale may be a 5 point scale: 

“Much more than expected,” “More than expected,” “As expected,” or “Less than Expected,” “Much less than expected.”                           

For analysis, these categories could be mapped into numeric values from 5 to 1 or from +2 to –2. 

This set of rating questions considers expectation.

When measuring expectations in your customer satisfaction survey, matching expectations is a more precise measurement than “ok” in level of satisfaction.

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