QR Codes: Still Strong for Multi-Mode Survey Administration

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QR codes may seem like yesterday’s news, but they are still holding strong for surveys

QR codes seemed to be everywhere a few years ago, right? The truth is, these 2D mobile barcodes are still being used by consumers to access coupons, download mobile apps, view product information, watch promotional videos, and more. But, more importantly – at least in our opinion – if you’ve “moved on” from QR Codes, you’re abandoning a very useful tool for surveys.

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You might think that a QR code is dated technology; however, they are still holding strong when placed on a paper survey. Placing a QR code on a paper survey is an effective means for reaching more respondents, and increasing response rates. The QR code can direct a respondent to an online version of your survey, for immediate completion. Respondents can quickly scan the QR code with their Smartphone and easily access a mobile optimized version of your online survey, ready for immediate completion. 

Using QR codes benefits the respondent with an online, easy-to-complete version of the survey. It also benefits the researcher. When the survey is accessed via the QR code and completed online, this eliminates the need for the researcher to process the paper survey as the data is be collected online; and easily combined with data from all survey modes for immediate analysis and reporting.

QR codes on paper surveys are great for:

  • Conference and trainings evaluations
  • Mailed surveys
  • Product evaluations
  • Opinion surveys
  • Feedback surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • And more

Learn more about creating a QR code for your next Snap survey using our QR Code Generator.

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