New product launch: MCA Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool

workers in hi-vis jacket and hard hat smiling

We’d like to introduce you to our latest pre-built survey solution, designed to help maritime workers give feedback on a career at sea.

Life on the water is one of the most challenging careers to embark on, with rough conditions and long periods away from family.

Safety4sea reports that 25% of seafarers have suicidal thoughts, which only increased during the 2020 pandemic.

From a human perspective – this needs to change.

And from our country’s perspective, maritime workers play an important role in the success of our economy.

Put simply, action must be taken. For safer lives and safer ships.

That’s why we have worked with the MCA and Williams Lea to create a new pre-built survey tool to help better understand seafarers’ wellbeing.

Here are a few key details the survey covers:

• General wellbeing
• Bullying, harassment, and discrimination
• Diversity and inclusion
• Physical health
• Tiredness and fatigue

• Organisational support

The survey will be created for you in minutes and include all the questions you need.

It’ll also have reporting and analysis at the click of a button, helping you understand the key messages in the feedback.

For more details, check out the link below.

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