New survey tool launched to help improve life for maritime workers

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Maritime workers play a vital role in the success of the UK – 95% of all imports come in by sea.

Working at sea is a rewarding career, but it can have its challenges and so the MCA commissioned TSO to partner with Snap Surveys to produce the Working at Sea Tool which gives tailored advice on wellbeing to seafarers based on a series of questions.

From our country’s perspective, maritime workers play a crucial role in the success of our economy.

That’s why Snap Surveys have teamed up with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and TSO to create the Wellbeing at Sea Tool.

It’s a survey tool for maritime workers that considers their wellbeing and feelings about their working environment.

As well as the impact on their mental and physical health, it considers the working culture on board the ships – such as organisational support, diversity, and inclusion.

Once a worker completes the Wellbeing at Sea Tool survey, the tool then offers automatically tailored advice to the individual, based on the answers they have given.

For the organisation running the survey, there is built-in reporting that lets management understand the key stories in their feedback – with just the click of a button.

With visual summary reports helping management truly understand the feedback, they will be able to evaluate the steps needed to improve working conditions for employees.

Ultimately, this will lead to safer lives and safer ships.

Dr Steve Jenkins, CEO of Snap Surveys, said: “We are delighted to launch the Wellbeing-at-Sea Tool along with our partners, the MCA and TSO. The digitised survey solution will allow seafarers to give feedback on a large scale across multiple areas that affects their daily life, while giving the organisation the opportunity to understand employee sentiments like never before.

“It’s a highly innovative tool and we believe it will provide a major step forward in working conditions for maritime workers.

“Thanks to the MCA and TSO for their hard work in developing this solution with us here at Snap Surveys.”

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