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Tractivity Benefits from Snap Mobile Survey Technology

Snap Surveys partner, Tractivity software from RE:SYSTEMS, has been selected by London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) to manage the public consultation and stakeholder engagement process for the London Paramount Entertainment Resort.

Snap Surveys has partnered with Tractivity, a leading cloud-based software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), stakeholder engagement, and inquiry handling, to provide customers with seamless survey feedback management and reporting. Surveys can now be created and managed using Snap’s advanced Snap WebHost online and mobile survey management system. Responses are then integrated into Tractivity for reporting and analysis.

“…Using the Snap Surveys functionality, which is fully integrated into Tractivity, all public responses, engagement, dialogue and enquiries have been collated in one central place and reports generated and analyzed.” Source: Tractivity System is Paramount in Public Consultation Process

Mark Rutter, Head of Tractivity at RE:SYSTEMS was quoted in an article released by the company. Mark says, “We are delighted that the London Paramount project has been the first client to benefit from our partnership with Snap Surveys through full integration with Tractivity software, saving the client valuable time and resources in collating all data and communications together.”  Continue reading

Partner with Snap Surveys to Create a Customized Feedback Solution

Partner with Snap Surveys to create a customized feedback solution
Snap-Surveys-feedback-solutionsWe work with many customers to deliver customized feedback solutions that deliver valuable results. Every customized feedback solution is different. Projects can range from survey software enhancements to fully customized feedback solutions and reporting options. Some of these solutions are developed for Snap Surveys customers, but we also partner with any market research and consulting customers to deliver sophisticated solutions for their clients, and with educational institutions to develop specialized feedback solutions. Continue reading

How Do You Get Survey Respondents to Provide Personal Information?

Personal data security and privacy is a hot topic, especially in today’s data-driven research environment.

anonymous-survey-personal-dataSurvey data is very important and helps businesses and organizations make informed, evidence-based decisions. As a survey researcher, you would like to ask many questions in a survey and collect as much data as possible, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect data. You may provide a well-designed survey, but not all respondents have the time or interested in completing your survey. A big issue could be that respondents don’t want to answer questions that ask for personal or sensitive information. If your company is trying to acquire personal information, you need to do so carefully and skillfully. Asking for personal data the wrong way can increase dropout rates dramatically.  Continue reading

Mobile Survey Optimization Is Critical for 2015

Make mobile survey optimization a priority for 2015

Smartphones and tablets have been in use for less than a decade now, yet both revolutionary technologies have been adopted by users faster than any other technology in history. mobile-survey-optimizationSmartphones have proven to be a necessity in today’s technology-focused environment. Smartphones are now a mainstream device. According to data collected by Global Web Index, Smartphones have garnered an impressive 80% ownership by adult internet users surveyed. This staggering percentage suggests that 2015 could be the year when Smartphone and PC/laptop ownership becomes equal.  Continue reading

Free Online Tutorial for Survey Email Invitations and Reminders

Access a new online tutorial that walks you through creating survey email invitations and reminders using Snap Survey Software

This new interactive tutorial will guide you through the entire process, including how to populate your survey and email messages with database information. And best of all, it’s free!

elearning-invites-remindersThis tutorial will show you how to:

  • Create a link to your database of survey participants
  • Personalize your survey and email message
  • Send invite and reminder messages
  • Automatically log-in survey participants

View the Tutorial

Would you like to see more e-learning tutorials like this? We’d love to have your feedback. Please complete the following short survey. 

e-Learning Feedback Survey

Update Now to Version 11.11 of Snap Survey Software

Customers with a current maintenance agreement can update now to version 11.11 of Snap Survey Software for free!

Snap version 11.11 is one of our most customer focused developments ever, and it’s available now, for free to customers with a current maintenance agreement.

We’ve listened closely to your feedback and have developed a range of improvements to paper survey scanning, Smart Reporting, and mobile surveys.

Significantly more accurate scanning for paper surveys

The Snap scanning technology has been completely updated. The result is a more reliable and accurate system delivering significant improvements in the recognition of handwritten,  and pre-printed text.

Improved workflow for Smart Reports

We’ve added a range of new features to enable you to speed up production, and improve the quality of your Smart Reports including a whole report spellchecker, print preview, and new page border options.

Photographic questions for Snap Mobile Anywhere

We’ve added a new photographic question style, so interviewers can submit a photo taken on their Smartphone or tablet in answer to a question.

Here’s how you can you update today 

Continue reading

New Worksheet: Analyzing Data with Crosstabs

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can analyze data with crosstabs using Snap Survey Software

crosstabs-bar-chartYou can easily find trends and patterns in your survey data by creating ordered crosstabs (cross tabulations) using Snap Survey Software. Crosstabs, also known as contingency tables or pivot tables, are a quick way of analyzing banded or coded variables.

We have created a helpful worksheet explain how you can produce them, order them, and display them as visually appealing charts. It also demonstrates how to create crosstabs for all relevant questions in your survey with a single instruction.

This worksheet covers the following areas of crosstabs:

  • Creating a simple crosstab
  • Creating an ordered crosstab
  • Quickly building multiple crosstabs in a report
  • Producing crosstabs filtered by demographics

View Worksheet

Poorly Designed Ranking Questions Can Cause Poor Results

A poorly designed and overloaded ranking question can yield poor results. Consider some revisions.

survey-ranking-questionWe’ve all completed our fair share of surveys. Many contain clear and direct questions that get straight to the point and allow you to flow through the survey easily. However, there is the occasional survey that tends to drag on with elaborately designed questions.

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses his reasons and opinions as to why it is not a good idea to include a long list of attributes in a ranking question in his recent blog post, Rank bad questions: How not to ask ranking  questions (below). Continue reading

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty. Do You Know the Difference?

Do you know the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty?

Let’s start by defining the two.

Customer Satisfaction is a measurement of customer attitudes toward products, services, and brands.

customer-satCustomer Loyalty has two parts. Customer Loyalty is made up of loyalty behavior and loyalty attitudes. The first, loyalty behavior (i.e. customer retention) is the act of a customer making repeat purchases from a brand rather than choosing a different, competing brand. The second is loyalty attitudes which are a customer’s opinions and feelings about products, services, or brands that are associated with repeat purchases. At times, a customer can display loyalty behavior without loyalty attitude.  And vice versa, a customer can display loyalty attitude without exhibiting any loyalty behavior.

Customers are the link to business success, but every day businesses lose customers to competing businesses. Your business simply cannot afford to lose customers to your competition. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty should be on the forefront of planning. Both should be incorporated into the long-term goals of your business.  Continue reading

Do You Know the Value of Customer Retention?

Before you develop a plan for customer retention, you need to understand the value of customer retention

customer-retentionAny good business knows that customer retention is extremely important. Managers and leaders recognize that losing loyal customers is not good for the company’s long term revenue goals and overall success. Even though this is understood on a basic level, few businesses – especially those businesses that provide a service – understand what losing a customer can mean to their company.

Let’s take a look at an example.  Continue reading