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13 Tricks and Treats for Survey Design and Analysis

Happy Halloween from all of us at Snap Surveys!

Already a software user? We have 13 quick tips to help you get the most out of Snap Survey Software. Use these tips to better maneuver through survey design and analysis.

halloween-survey-tipsTip #1: Resize open response boxes. Set open response boxes to resize relative to the browser window by selecting Layout in Questionnaire properties and checking the Proportional edit boxes option.

Tip# 2: Delete case data. You can delete all the case data in a survey by selecting the survey in Survey Overview and clicking the delete button, making sure you clear the Survey Definitions box and check the Raw Data box.

Tip #3: Display routing. To show all the routing in a survey, open the Variable window, select Tailor, mark Show Counts as Never and hit Use. This displays the survey routing in the Not Asked, Goto, and Skipped by columns in the Variable window. Continue reading

Benefit From 3 Types of Survey Research

What are 3 types of survey research and how can they benefit your research?

What are the 3 types of survey research? There happen to be 3 types that we’ll explore in this blog post. They include: exploratory, descriptive, and casual. Each type of research serves its own purpose and can be used in certain ways. Utilizing all types of research at once in your online surveys can help create greater insights and better quality data.

Exploratory Research

Exploratory research is conducted in order to determine the nature of a problem. It is intended to explore research questions, but its intent is not to offer final and conclusive solutions to existing issues. Exploratory research provides researchers with a better understanding of the problem, but the results of exploratory research are typically not useful for decision-making alone. Exploratory research can provide significant insight into a given situation, as the objective is to gather preliminary information that will help define issues and suggest hypotheses.

Exploratory research can be used in a variety of research methods, including: trial studies, pilot studies, interviews, case studies, focus groups, and various experiments. How can exploratory research be used in online surveys? Exploratory research takes the form of open-ended questions – questions where participants can leave responses in the format of open text comments. Text comments may not be statistically measureable (unless properly coded), but they will give you richer, more quality data that can lead you to uncover new initiatives or issues that should be addressed. Continue reading

Mobile: A Hybrid Data Collection Method

Use mobile data collection to increase survey response rates with a consistent browsing experience

mobile-data-collectionWhat is a mobile survey? A mobile survey is essentially an online survey adapted to the screen size of any mobile device. Increase survey response rates with a consistent browsing experience across a range of screen sizes and devices, with surveys that adapt automatically to any screen size.

Why is mobile so important? Mobile data collection provides data collection opportunities for a wide variety of market sectors. From healthcare, market research, and education, to travel & tourism, non-profits, and government agencies to name a few, all of which make use of mobile data collection methods. Mobile data collection can be utilized as an online data collection method as well as during off-site, face-to-face interviews, for one-on-one data collection with an interviewer.

The instantaneous feedback feature of mobile data collection combined with the ability to personalize the experience with interactive features make it comparable to using the face-to-face survey method, with the cost benefit factor of the online data collection method. Mobile data collection may never fully replace face-to-face interviews, but it can and does maximize the productivity of those involved in conducting research.

Here is a direct quote from Survey Magazine’s article, Mobile Research Is Here: get ready to embrace the evolution: “What can marketers do then, to ensure they are prepared for the emergence of consumer-driven, consumer-initiated technologies? Companies should certainly be thinking about the measures they take to ensure that people are talking about their products, and expressing their opinions about their brand. And they need to ensure they are able to reach their target audiences, day or night, through whichever medium their fans deem most convenient at the time; be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or other connected device.”

What Do Your Prospects Want? Ask! 7 Strategies to Help.

 7 strategies to help you determine what your prospects are looking to purchase

Do you know exactly what products and services your prospects want to purchase? Wouldn’t it make sales and marketing much easier if you knew exactly what they want?  Although there is no one straight answer to this question, there are several strategies you can use to gather information on what your target market is looking for in terms of products and services.

Here are 7 strategies you can use to determine what your prospects are looking to purchase.

  1. Ask your current customers for ideas about new products and services. This is an obvious method, but it’s also one of the most effective means for gathering ideas. You can also make use of your current email subscribers and social media followers by asking them if they have any suggestions for new products or services.customer-sat
  2. Ask your current customers for feedback on products and services they currently use, not including your company’s.  When you survey your current customers, don’t just focus on gathering feedback about your products or services. Ask them what they have purchased from other businesses, and how satisfied they are with those products and services, and what features stood out that made them purchase those products or services. This will give you a clearer understanding of what your customers purchasing habits, and how you can effectively market to them and persuade them to buy from your company. Continue reading

The Role of Images in Online Surveys

What is the role of images in online surveys? Produce interactive online surveys that engage with respondents and produce higher response rates.

Research conducted by Snap Surveys determined that respondents are more engaged with the subject of an online survey when questions are presented in a colorful and interactive way. The use of images in interactive questions is an effective way to engage with respondents in online research, and produce higher response rates. Why? Interactive questions play a powerful role in online research, similar in ways that images are used in other forms of creative communication - to communicate ideas, engage, entertain, and to trigger thoughts, actions, and even memory.

Interactive questions are a visual and engaging alternative to check boxes, with responses given by clicking directly on the image, as indicated below.

Interactive-questions-survey-software Continue reading

Fall Into a Survey Software Training

Fall is in full swing and there is no better place to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage than in New England.

In fact, Portsmouth, NH, home to Snap Surveys US, was ranked #6 in Travel + Leisure’s 10 Most Beautiful Towns in America During Fall.

Fall in New England_Jay Arbelo

Photo credit: Jay Arbelo of Jay Arbelo Photography

Come visit Snap Surveys US! You can schedule a full or half-day survey software training session at our Portsmouth, NH training facility, and spend some extra time enjoying autumn in New Hampshire and Maine. Take in the sights of the beautiful foliage, go apple-picking, indulge in apple pie and cider donuts, stroll through a pumpkin patch, take a hayride, and more.

We have many opportunities for survey software training. We run a full range of training sessions in survey design, paper survey scanning, analysis, including our new Snap Smart Reporting, and much more. We also offer customized training to help you get even the most complex survey project up and running.

For details on training opportunities in both our US & UK offices, visit the Snap Surveys training pages.

Photo credit: The photo used in this blog post was captured by Snap Surveys’ employee Jay Arbelo. Besides his stellar role as technical support, training, and services manager, Jay is also a talented photographer. Want to see more stunning photos by Jay? Visit the Jay Arbelo Photography Flickr page and ‘like’ his Facebook page.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Face-to-Face Data Collection

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the face-to-face data collection method

face-to-face-questionnaireAs with any research project, data collection is incredibly important. However, several aspects come into play in the data collection process. The three most crucial aspects include: the cost of the selected data collection method; the accuracy of data collected; and the efficiency of data collection.

Despite the rise in popularity of online and mobile surveys, face-to-face (in-person) interviews still remain a popular data collection method. A face-to-face interview method provides advantages over other data collection methods. They include:  Continue reading

Trigger Personalized Email Reports from Your Online Survey

Trigger Personalized Email Reports from Your Online Survey

Skills-for-Care-sample-reportDo you need to share advice, guidance, analysis, and reports with your customers or colleagues? Our expert Research Services team can customize instant email reports for your online survey participants, including specific feedback, analysis, and guidance based on their answers. Upon completing the online survey, participants instantly receive a personalized email report.

Learn how the Snap Surveys Research Services team set-up instant email reports for Skills for Care, a UK organization helping local authorities assess their preparations for new government legislation. View the case study to find out what we did.

Read the case study ›

View a sample report ›

New Worksheet: Send Respondents to a Customized Webpage When ‘Saved’

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to send respondents to a customized webpage when ‘Save’ is selected

add-save-button-to-surveyIn our latest worksheet, find out how to include a ‘Save’ button in your online questionnaire so participants can save their responses and return to complete the survey at a later point. You can also find out how to redirect participants to a ‘Save’ page of your choice, such as your website or a customized webpage. You can even include replies from the survey on the page. If you are sending people to an external page, you can make the webpage specific to a respondent by including one or more survey variables in it. You can either:  Continue reading

Check Out the NEW Look of the Snap Surveys Forum

Check out our new look. We’ve updated look of the Snap Surveys Forum.

We’ve updated the Snap Surveys Forum look and feel to make it easier for you to use. Forum users can contribute questions or comments on specific topics, functionality, ideas, hints, tips, and tricks for discussion. Anyone wishing to contribute will need to create an account in the new forum.

Take a peak at the new Snap Surveys Forum.

New Snap Surveys Forum

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