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5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 5

Blog Series: 5 Steps to Better Survey Design 

Step 5: The end… and the beginning

“Without an active response from the company, it doesn’t seem worthwhile – I’m offering them help that they aren’t really interested in so why bother?…”

summary-reportWe commissioned consumer research that discussed attitudes of consumers when providing feedback to organizations. There’s an increasing expectation from consumers that they want something back for their time. They want to know that their opinions and feedback make a difference, and that organizations are listening.

“It would be good to see ‘What you said’ and ‘What we did’ sections on websites about feedback.”

It’s certainly becoming common practice in the public sector for results from general practice, hospital, and dental patient surveys to be shared, and councils have long been enabling and reporting on consultations. Continue reading

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 4

Blog Series: 5 Steps to Better Survey Design 

Step 4: Pilot your questionnaire

 online-surveys-pilot-test“Oh, but I don’t have time,” is commonly expressed. Ask yourself – how important is the data or insight your survey delivers to your organization? If it’s important, make time to test your questionnaires to ensure that routing works, must answer questions don’t contain an error causing respondents to close out the survey, and so on.

For example: one survey we came across adapted a US questionnaire for the UK. The online survey was set-up to capture US zip codes and wouldn’t accept UK post codes. Participants couldn’t complete the survey. If it had been tested first, this basic issue would have been identified and fixed immediately. Continue reading

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 3

Blog Series: 5 Steps to Better Survey Design 

Step 3: Pay attention to design

“I work in a service business and rely on customer feedback but find it very hard to gather. People are always too busy. Needs to be made simple and attractive for the consumer.”

A well designed and thought through questionnaire tells participants the value you place on their input and their time. It’s also important to ensure a survey supports your organization’s brand and philosophy like any other communication channel your organization uses.

If the data you want to gather is going to be used to inform business decisions, it may be worthwhile bringing in market research expertise when structuring the questionnaire and writing questions. It’s easy for ambiguous questions and corporate jargon to creep in which could bias or skew results. Continue reading

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 2

Blog Series: 5 Steps to Better Survey Design 

Step 2: Think about your target audience

How, when, and to whom is the questionnaire going to be delivered?

multi-mode-surveyWhere are participants likely to be viewing your questionnaire? Will they be on the move, at home, in the office? This should dictate the length of the questionnaire and the type of questions you create.

19% of online surveys are now competed on a Smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.* The attention span of a participant on a Smartphone is generally going to be shorter than someone using a PC. Different question styles suit different devices. Grid questions, for example, are better on larger screen-sizes than on a Smartphone. Continue reading

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 1

Blog Series: 5 Steps to Better Survey Design

As a long standing, leading survey software and services solutions provider, the staff at Snap Surveys has years of experience working with, and advising customers on how to get more from their surveys. This blog series provides 5 steps you can use to design and construct better, more effective surveys.

Step 1: Have clear objectives for your survey

survey-design“Whilst it is important to get feedback, companies should not bombard customers with surveys every time they use a service as it could get irritating.”

Be sure to have a clear idea of what data you want from the survey and how the data is going to be used. It’s very tempting when planning and creating a survey to ask every question you can think of – but don’t! Ideally, questionnaires should take no longer than 5 – 10 minutes to complete unless you have a particularly engaging topic or interest group. Continue reading

Snap Surveys Helps Bournemouth Borough Council Collect Survey Data

Case Study: Snap Surveys lends help to Bournemouth Borough Council to collect and collate feedback from tenants and residents.

bournemouthccSnap Surveys’ UK in-house research team have been working with Bournemouth Borough Council to collect feedback from their tenants and residents. The Council is an experienced Snap Survey Software user. They had a survey ready to go and the analysis all planned, but they needed our specialized skills and resources to identify and reach a representative sample, and provide reliable and accurate data for their analysis. Continue reading

Start with Employee Satisfaction, End with Employee Engagement

Organizations need to start with employee satisfaction, but ultimately end with employee engagement

employee-engagementAs mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, 4 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Employee Engagement, employee engagement is a hot topic amongst today’s organizations with a goal of improving performance. That intense interest is now evolving into deeper thinking about company culture. Organizations across the globe are measuring employee satisfaction, and seriously assessing what kind of workplace culture they want and need in order to obtain and retain customers.

The problem is many organizational leaders mistake workforce satisfaction with employee engagement. It’s not enough to measure just satisfaction and happiness. That’s just the start. Employees need the proper mix of satisfaction and engagement.  Continue reading

4 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Employee Engagement

Here are 4 important questions to consider before your organization invests in employee engagement

employee-engagementEmployee Engagement is a hot topic in today’s organizations, and is a key component in improving performance. But how does your organization measure it and what does your organization do with the data once received?

Organizations are spending a significant amount of time and effort to develop programs that measure employee engagement through regular surveys. But is that investment of time and effort really paying off? Do organizations really know how to measure employee engagement effectively?

Because so many organizations stepped quickly into developing employee engagement surveys without much knowledge on the subject, they’ve overlooked some of the very important work necessary to reveal the true strengths of employee engagement. There are questions you should consider that will guide you through the employee engagement process in a way that is more likely to produce a measurable impact on your organization’s results.

Before you make any decisions about your employee engagement program, consider these 4 questions.  Continue reading

Snap Survey Software Training Returns to Scotland

Schedule a Snap Survey Software Training in Edinburgh, Scotland

We are delighted to announce Snap Surveys UK we will be running courses in analysis, reporting, and online surveys at the Edinburgh, Scotland training center starting in September.

To reserve your place, call Lynne at 01454 280820 or email

Not in Scotland? No problem. Snap Surveys offers many convenient online training opportunities, as well as training at any of our locations. Whether you are new to Snap Survey Software or an advanced user, we have training opportunities that will meet your needs. Training courses are offered in sessions scheduled at your request, on a day and time that is convenient for you or your team. Training topics include:  Continue reading