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Should We Celebrate Good Questionnaire Design?

A bad questionnaire results in poor data, so why not celebrate and recognize good questionnaire design?

questionnaire-designIt’s no surprise that a bad questionnaire can result in worthless data. We’ve all seen many examples of poor questionnaires, but what about well designed examples – the types of questionnaire examples that could win awards for great design (if such awards existed).

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses reasons why good questionnaire design isn’t celebrated in his blog post, Why don’t we celebrate good questionnaire design? (below).    Continue reading

Snap Surveys Managing Director Talks Triple-S

Snap Surveys Managing Director, Dr. Stephen Jenkins discusses Triple-S with Jeffery Henning, president of Researchscape International

Jeffery Henning, president of Researchscape International and Director at Large on the Marketing Research Association’s Board of Directors, recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Stephen Jenkins, Managing Director here at Snap Surveys, and founding member of the Triple-S Group.

Jeffery interviewed Stephen and provided a Q&A format blog post on, discussing work completed by the Triple-S Group. Continue reading

Do You Know What You’re Missing? Features, Reporting, and More!

Features, reporting, and more. Oh my! Are you aware of what’s become available in Snap Survey Software this year?

snap 11 logo - survey-softwareDon’t miss out on the many new features in our lastest survey software release, Snap 11. We have many features that we have released throughout the year that can enhance your survey research experience, including,

  • Adaptive Questionnaires: Deliver the best possible survey experience across a range of devices, with versions of your survey designed specifically for differing screen sizes.
  • Smart Reports: Quickly produce multiple and complex report variations. Reports can be configured to the unique perspective of specific recipients, and you can run reports again and again.
  • Snap Mobile Anywhere: Collect replies online or offline, leaving you free to engage with survey respondents wherever and whenever you want.

Get the latest release ›

Snap Plus members can upgrade to Snap 11 for free.

Want to discuss the latest features and other offerings from Snap Surveys? Contact one of our product specialists. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

UK 01454 280800or contact us directly at

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New Worksheet: Create a Survey for Online, Face-to-Face, and on Kiosks

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can create a survey for distribution online, face-to-face, and on a kiosk

Snap Survey Software allows you to create different editions of your online questionnaire so you can adapt the design to be viewed on a tablet, kiosk screen, or smartphone.

Respondents can complete surveys by:

  1. Being interviewed (or using a kiosk). If you know that interviewers and kiosks use devices with very different screens (for example, an iPad and a small smartphone), you might want to lay out your survey differently for the different devices.
  2. Browsing the internet. You can handle different screen sizes by setting up an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost that changes according to their screen size.

In some cases, you may want a respondent to be able to complete a questionnaire in both ways. We have developed a worksheet describing how you can set-up a survey with different editions for Snap WebHost and Snap Mobile Anywhere. If respondents are completing the survey on their own device (tablet, etc.), you need to provide a questionnaire that fits devices with different screen sizes. You do this by creating an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost. If you are using Snap Mobile Anywhere and you know that a survey is only going to be seen on one type of device, you can design for that screen size and set of features. (If you are not sure what device your respondents will use, then you can provide separate versions of the survey, depending whether they use a tablet or a smartphone.) The worksheet also explains how you can combine your results.

The steps in the worksheet include:

  • Step 1: Create a single Mobile edition for Snap Mobile Anywhere
  • Step 2: Assign your survey to the interviewer or kiosk
  • Step 3: Create and upload Snap Mobile Anywhere edition for devices with different screen sizes
  • Step 4: Publish and upload the other edition(s)
  • Step 5: Add adaptive Snap WebHost editions
  • Step 6: Importing all the responses into Snap Survey Software

1 in 5 Survey Participants Are Using Mobile Devices

The rise in the use of mobile devices by survey participants continues

During 2014, we have seen survey respondents increasingly using mobile devices to answer Snap WebHost questionnaires. Although the numbers can vary depending on the particular mix of surveys that our users are running, on average 1 in 5 surveys are completed on a mobile device.

Chart: Desktop 79%, Smartphone 13%, Tablet 8%

Design for mobile

To make your surveys easy to complete, you must make the most of the screen space available. Most desktop and tablet screens are used in landscape orientation, but smartphone screens tend to be used in portrait orientation. Because of the changes in layout that a smartphone screen size and orientation introduces, it is often better to devise a different layout altogether.  Continue reading

Snap Surveys Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, near and far

Thank-you-from-Snap-SurveysAlthough not all of our customers celebrate Thanksgiving this week, in the spirit of one of the United States’ favorite holidays, we wanted to thank all of our customers, no matter where you are, worldwide.

Whether this week is business as usual, or you plan to spend the holiday around the dinner table with family and friends, the staff at Snap Surveys would like to extend a big thank you to our fantastic customers for their patronage, and wish you well.

In observation of Thanksgiving, our U.S. office will be closed on Thursday and Friday. We will reopen as usual on Monday, December 1st.

As a reminder, Snap Survey Software customers have free access to a wealth of resources, including: videos, worksheets, guides, tips, tutorials, and more. You can also access the recently updated Snap Surveys Forum. Forum users can contribute questions or comments on specific topics, functionality, ideas, hints, tips, and tricks for discussion. We hope you take advantage of these excellent resources.

Explore Snap Surveys Resources

Access the Snap Surveys Forum

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Snap Surveys US Collects Food for Needy Seacoast NH Families

Snap Surveys US donates 108 lbs. of food to needy Seacoast New Hampshire families

2014 Snap Surveys food driveThrough employee donations and company contributions, the Snap Surveys US office collected 108 lbs. of food for those families in need. Coordinated by Snap Surveys Marketing Manager, Susan Wyse, employees donated canned foods including: vegetables, soups, peanut butter, and jelly, boxed foods, condiments, cereal, toiletries, various sundries, and much more. A big thank you goes out to the entire Snap Surveys staff. Their support is immeasurable.

This donation was greatly received by the Seacoast Family Food Pantry. Their mission is to ” fulfill the needs of low-income individuals and families with food, personal care products, and education for healthy living.” The Seacoast Family Food Pantry serves the Seacoast New Hampshire area, including: Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton, Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook, and also Kittery, ME.

To learn more about the Seacoast Family Food Pantry or to make a donation, please visit

Generate Leads with Survey Software

You’ve gathered leads. Now what? Have you considered survey software?

customer-surveysYour sales team generates many sales leads throughout the year through attendance at trade shows and conferences, from webinars, pay-per-click campaigns, organic online searches, online forms, landing ages, customer referrals, and more. Unfortunately, many of these leads may stay in your CRM system as unconverted sales opportunities.

Have you considered using survey software as a lead generation tool?

Why? Survey software is not typically viewed as a sales tool; however, it can prove to be a great asset to any sales team. Surveys are an effective means of gathering information for lead qualification and scoring, as well gathering data on prospects needs. They are also a great tool to fuel engagement and gather important data that you can use to develop improved sales strategies.  Continue reading

Consider the Respondent’s Point of View When Designing Surveys

Why is it important to consider the respondent’s point of view when designing surveys?

consider-respondets-survey-designWhen designing a survey, it’s easy to forget the people who matter most in the process – the respondents. We’re focused on the outcome, the insight we need to make that important decision, and respondents can be neglected. Online surveys allow us to collect data without anyone having direct contact with respondents. Respondents are out of sight and, often, out of mind.

Why is it particularly important to consider respondents’ needs?  Continue reading