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7 Tips to Increase Course Evaluation Completion Rates

Last month, in a previous blog post (5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations), we discuss ways in which you can increase the response rates of your course evaluations. As we discussed, there has been an increased growth in the use of survey software for the development of online course evaluations. Higher education institutions have acquired integrated survey software systems that take a hybrid approach to survey administration, offering a choice of paper, online, or mobile survey administration, allowing you to better match the method of survey administration to the needs and preferences of respondents.

Taking a hybrid approach to course evaluations is one tip you can use to help increase response rates (view more tips). However, what do you do if you come across an increase in drop-out rates? If you’re struggling with low completion rates, there are several strategies you can put into practice to help increase rates.

Below are seven tips you can use to prevent low completion rates  Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Questions in Course Evaluations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Open questions in Course Evaluations?

Course Evaluations often times use Open questions (questions that prompt a unique response) for many reasons.  Typically, Open questions are used to get qualitative information about the course, program, or instructor.

The answer box of an Open question is undefined and can accept different types of responses:

  • Numeric Response
 Of the 18 total classes in this course, how many did you attend?
  • Date Response
 What were the dates of the classes not attended?
  • Time of Day Response
 What time of day did this course meet?
  • Free Text or Literal Response
 Would you like to comment further on this course?

Note: Although you can ask for numeric, date, and time responses with an Open question, these types of responses are better suited in the format of a Closed question. Comments and opinions are the best answered in the format of an Open question.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Questions in Course Evaluations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Closed questions in Course Evaluations?

In yesterday’s post (Choosing Between Open or Closed Questions for Course Evaluations), we discussed how you ask each course evaluation question and points for best construction of your course evaluation questions.

Course Evaluations will use a majority of Closed questions (one or more answers selected in a predetermined list of responses) for many reasons.  Typically, Closed questions are used to get quantitative information about a course, program, or instructor.

In a Closed question, the specific answers are provided.

  • Closed Question – Named Answer with Single Response
Which applies to you? Full-time Student______ Part-time Student______
  • Closed Question – Named Answer with Multiple Responses
What was your reason for selecting this course?Major Requirement______Minor Requirement______Pleasure______Elective ______
  • Closed Question – Ordered Answer Category
Which applies to you? First Year Student?_____Second Year Student?______Third Year Student? ______Fourth Year Student?_______
  • Closed Question – Ordered Answer Category Rating Scale Reponse
How would you rate the professor’s knowledge of the course subject matter?Excellent___Good___Average___Fair____Poor____

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Choosing Between Open or Closed Questions for Course Evaluations

How you ask you course evaluation questions will determine the type of information you want to receive

laptop-course-evaluationsWhen developing a course evaluation for your education institution, how you ask each course evaluation question will determine the type of information you want to obtain. Closed questions (prompted recall) trigger memory. They will usually produce more answers than Open questions (unprompted recall).

Prompted recall – closed questions, however, may also limit the responses to the set of answer options provided making responses outside the provided set less likely. Continue reading

Enhance Learning with a Course Evaluation System

Your educational institution can enhance student learning through the use of a comprehensive Course Evaluation System

Course Evaluations gather insightful and valuable data used to develop strategies to improve the quality of student learning. Course evaluation surveys give students the opportunity to provide direct, honest feedback with regard to numerous aspects of a course, including: course content, classroom environment and accommodations, and teaching effectiveness. They are an essential tool in education to collect constructive feedback from students, which helps educators develop ideas to enhance course content and improve teaching methods.

course eval


The key advantage of implementing a comprehensive course evaluation system at your educational institution is the ability to provide all staff from instructors to department and administrative staff with a comprehensive solution for the design and administration of effective course evaluation surveys.  Continue reading

Snap Surveys Sponsors the Association of Survey Computing (ASC) Conference

Come to the Association of Survey Computing (ASC) Conference and learn how to “unleash the power of data.”

ASC Conference 2014 - Snap SurveysSnap Surveys is delighted to sponsor the next Association of Survey Computing (ASC) Conference, entitled “Making connections: unleashing the power of data”, which takes place on Friday, September 26, 2014 at Imperial College, London.

In attendance are some influential speakers, including the ONS and Blue Ocean market intelligence who will join the discussion on how different sources of data are being mashed together to add value and reveal useful hidden relationships.  Continue reading

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Course Evaluations

Need a customized course evaluation solution for your educational institution? See what Snap Surveys has to offer.

Time sure does fly by. The summer is winding down and the new school year is upon us. Get a head start on developing your course evaluations.

course-evaluation-surveyAre you looking for a more streamlined course evaluation solution? With Snap Survey Software, educational institutions can easily administer and collect data directly from students, generate analysis, and create simple or advanced reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement.

With multi-mode capability, course evaluations can be administered in the format that best suites the needs of your institution – online, mobile, paper (with scanning capability), or on a kiosk. Although traditionally done on paper, online course evaluations can easily be emailed to students, presented right in the classroom on each students’ computer or tablet, or directly to their Smartphone or other mobile device. Whatever mode an institution prefers, Snap Survey Software can deliver.  Continue reading

New Worksheet: Personalizing Survey Email Invitations and Reminders

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to personalize email invitations and reminders for online and mobile surveys

In our latest worksheet, we describe how you can send an email from Snap WebHost, our online and mobile survey management system, which includes personalized information for your respondents (e.g. their name, title). It easily connects the survey to a database which contains respondent’s email addresses together with information about each respondent.

How does it work?   Continue reading

Tractivity Customers Gain Greater Insight with Snap Surveys

Tractivity partners with Snap Surveys to give their customers greater insight

Tractivity-partner-Snap-SurveysSnap Surveys has partnered with Tractivity, a leading cloud-based software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), stakeholder engagement, and inquiry handling, to provide customers with seamless survey management and reporting. Surveys can now be created and managed using Snap’s advanced Snap WebHost online and mobile survey management system. Responses are then integrated into Tractivity for reporting and analysis.

Do you need assistance with a survey research project, analysis, or reporting? We can help!

Our experienced Research Services team can help with any aspect of your survey project – from survey design, and data management, to analysis and reporting. Whatever your needs may be, we can help. We work with a diverse range of customers across the public and private sectors, and our services are open to everyone, not just Snap Survey Software users.  Continue reading

The Snap Surveys Blog Receives Top Review Score

Snap Surveys Blog

The Snap Surveys Blog has received a top review score by Uberflip

Make sure that you keep up with one of the top-rated blogs on the web: The Snap Surveys blog has recently been reviewed by Uberflip. They scored 100 marketing-related blogs against ten criteria including “Content published on a regular basis” and “Mobile optimization”, and Snap Surveys was one of only three to score the maximum 10 out of 10. Continue reading