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New Worksheet: Setting Up Filters for Snap WebHost Analysis

Learn how to set up filters for Snap WebHost Analysis

filters-stached-bar-chart-rating scoresWhen you design a survey in Snap Survey Software for hosting on Snap WebHost, you can set-up filters that can be selected within Snap WebHost. These can be used on the data for all analysis and reports for that survey. They are available to you and any associates that you have assigned the survey to.

Our latest worksheet describes how to provide easy-to-use filters for analysis on Snap WebHost, allowing you and your associates to quickly filter the data used in your analysis and reports.

The steps in the worksheet include:

Step 1: Creating the filters to use in Snap WebHost
Step 2: Checking the Snap WebHost filter in Snap
Step 3: Using the filters in Snap WebHost

View worksheet: Setting up filters for Snap WebHost analysis

Your Survey Data is Safe and Secure. In Response to HeartBleed.

Rest assured that your survey data is safe and secure with Snap Surveys

ISO27001-survey-softwareOn April 7th, a new web server vulnerability named HeartBleed was made public, which affects up to 66% of all secured web services. This makes it possible for an attacker to gain confidential information on web traffic. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with Snap Surveys.

Because of the types of systems Snap Surveys uses to provide our web services, none of our services are (or have ever been) vulnerable to this attack.

We’re proud to be one of the few organizations compliant with ISO27001, the highest possible standard for information security. View more information on Snap Surveys security.

Further information on the HeartBleed bug can be found at

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Tractivity customers gain greater insight into public and stakeholder opinion with a Snap survey solution

TractivitySnap Surveys has partnered with Tractivity part of UK based RE:SYSTEMS to provide customers with seamless survey management and reporting.

Surveys can now be created and managed using Snap’s advanced WebHost online and mobile survey management system, responses are integrated into Tractivity for reporting and analysis.

Mark Rutter, Head of Tractivity comments: “We approached Snap because their survey solutions are already widely used in Local Authorities. The team at Snap was also very open to working with us to develop a tailored solution for our customers.”

Continue reading

One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Online Surveys

When it comes to online surveys, one size does not necessarily fit all. 

online-surveys-mobile-surveysAs we know, the use of mobile technology is bigger than ever with people seemingly attached to their Smartphones and tablets. It was predicted back in 2008 that by 2014, mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage, and the number of Smartphone users worldwide is predicted to exceed 1 billion.* We are certainly on track.

What are people doing on their mobile devices? They are reading and sending email, gaming, reading the news, sharing on and viewing social media sites, conducting research, and…completing online surveys.** What does all this mean for online survey creation? Quite simply, you must ensure you are optimizing your online surveys for any device – mobile and desktop devices. How can this be done? With Adaptive QuestionnairesContinue reading

ASC Conference Tomorrow: Where’s My Data?

ASC Conference: Where’s My Data: Participant privacy in a connected world

When: Friday, April 4, 2014, Imperial College, London

Snap-Surveys-ASC-ConferenceThe Association for Survey Computing (ASC) will host a one-day conference entitled,  Where’s My data: Participant privacy in a connected world.

As the ASC describes, it has always been a priority of market and survey researchers to operate on the principle of protecting participants’ privacy. However, over the last few years, the growth of social media reveals the willingness of people to forego their privacy and share personal information. This personal information is being gathered and analyzed by many marketers, in various ways, at times encroaching on traditional survey research methods. Continue reading

Where are you now? New geolocation data capture feature

geo-locationCustomers have been asking us for the ability to collect geolocation co-ordinates for their surveys, which is particularly useful for mobile interviewing, (it can be used for online surveys taken on mobile devices too).

Snap WebHost, Snap’s online and mobile survey management platform now captures geolocation data ready for you to upload to the mapping software of your choice. Find out more

This is just one of the new survey software features in our latest release 11.07

Access Webinar Recording: Questionnaire Design Hints & Tips

Did you miss our webinar on questionnaire design hints & tips in Snap Survey Software?

If you missed this webinar, you can watch the recording now!

questionnaire-design-tips-webinarIn this webinar recording, Questionnaire Design Hints & Tips, Snap Surveys Training Consultant Marc Ellison takes viewers through some of the hints and tips that will help Snap Survey Software users deliver a great online, mobile, and paper survey experience. Learn how to create more engaging questionnaires by tailoring them to your respondents needs which intern leads to better response rates.

Learn how to:

  • Create more responsive questionnaires including text substitution, masking, and using derived variables.
  • Use visual and interactive questions such as image maps, video, and audio to engage with respondents.
  • Create and save style templates.

Access this webinar: Questionnaire Design Hints & Tips

Tech Support Tip: Saving Settings Files for Toolkits

Technical Support Tip: Save time and energy by saving settings files for Snap Toolkit functions

Snap Toolkit gives Snap Survey Software users access to many advanced functionalities, including: Rating Check, Totalize, Randomization, Compound Grid, and Rim Weighting. Are you aware that you can save the settings files for Snap Toolkit functions so that you can simply browse to the Settings file and reapply the settings?

Save the Settings files for Toolkits

Here is an example using the Randomization function available in the Snap Toolkit.  Continue reading

Increase online survey response rates across all mobile devices

adaptive19% of all online surveys are now completed on a mobile device.*

Recent research has shown that online survey completion rates are declining as many questionnaires are still optimised for PC screens. This can mean that online questionnaires don’t format correctly on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets, making viewing and completing more difficult.

In our latest software release 11.07, we’ve introduced adaptive online questionnaires. Whatever device a participant chooses to complete an online survey on, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, Snap’s adaptive technology displays a version of the questionnaire optimised for the screen size detected.

You can also optimise the design, content and length of online surveys to suit a range of different devices.

Find out more 

* Source:


Free Webinar Tomorrow: Design Hints & Tips

We welcome you to join us for a free webinar on questionnaire design hints and tips

Please join us, tomorrow, Thursday, March 20th as UK Training Consultant Marc Ellison will run one of our popular free hints and tips webinars.

survey-software-webinarWebinar title: Questionnaire design in Snap: hints and tips

When: Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Time: 15:00 GMT UK | 16:00 Europe | 11:00 AM US EDT | 10:00 AM US CDT | 9:00 AM US MDT | 8:00 AM US PDT

Marc will be covering design questions that surfaced during our recent customer satisfaction survey. Marc will also demonstrate some of the clever design techniques that we used in our recent “Big Quiz” plus more.

If you’d like to see a particular aspect of questionnaire design covered in this webinar, we welcome you to email us and we’ll do our best to fit in your topic.

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