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Paper Surveys: Alive and Well!

Paper Surveys may seem like a thing of the past, but they are certainly alive and well. Consider survey software that allows you to conduct all modes of survey research to increase response rates.

Spaper-surveys-survey-softwarenap Surveys customers choose Snap Survey Software because it gives users the flexibility to run surveys in a range of survey modes, including: paper, paper for scanning, online, mobile, tablet, and kiosk. Depending upon your audience and administration limitations, paper surveys can prove more effective than online surveys for collecting feedback.

Administering paper surveys in conjunction with other survey modes can help boost response rates, particularly if you need to target harder to reach communities or fulfill strict respondent quotas. Snap Survey Software gives you the flexibility to gather and manage feedback based on your individual or organizational needs, as well as the needs of your respondents.  Continue reading

[Infographic] 60 Years of Software Events That Impacted the Industry

Take a look back at the 60 year history of software to view the events that  have impacted the industry in this informative infographic

The advancement of computer and software technology has had a profound impact on how organizations conduct business and implement productivity improvements.

The infographic [below] is a great 60-year timeline of the history of software, including the addition of Snap Surveys in 1981, the first desktop survey software and analysis tools available in the industry.





Take a look at the full infographic below.  Continue reading

New Worksheet: Track Mobile Interviewer Locations with Geolocation

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can track mobile interviewer location with Geolocation

mobile-interviewing-surveysWe have created a helpful worksheet explain how you can easily track mobile interviewer location with Geolocation using a mobile survey for Snap Mobile Anywhere, or by creating a survey for a Snap WebHost edition that is likely to be seen on a mobile device.

Geolocation data is available in Snap WebHost and Snap Mobile Anywhere editions. It’s stored in the ID.location variable in WGS84 (World Geodetic System) format, and you can extract the separate elements of the location data by using the system patterns provided. The worksheet includes examples showing you how to extract data. You can also export the data for external analysis. Continue reading

Free Interactive Online Tutorial for Snap Mobile Anywhere

Access a new online tutorial that walks you through the features of Snap Mobile Anywhere for mobile interviewing

This new interactive tutorial will guide you through the entire process, from creating your first survey to collecting replies using the Snap Mobile Anywhere app. And best of all, it’s a free resource just for you!

eLearning_mobile anywhereThis tutorial will show you how to:

  • Create a survey for mobile devices and kiosks
  • Upload the survey to Snap WebHost for hosting and feedback management
  • Collect replies using the Snap Mobile Anywhere app
  • View a summary of survey results

View the Tutorial

Would you like to see more e-learning tutorials like this? We’d love to have your feedback. Please complete the following short survey.

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Embrace Survey Design Features, But Use Them Sparingly

When designing surveys, embrace the many new design features available in survey software, but be sure to use them sparingly

Survey design software, including Snap Survey Software, is becoming ever more sophisticated and easy to use, incorporating features such as sliders, 5 star rating scales, and drag and drop functionality. This is a real positive, making it easier to create surveys that better engage respondents.

However, survey designers need to beware of abusing the features now available to them. It is important not to over-design surveys so that respondents are overwhelmed with different question types. Just because a new feature is available doesn’t mean you should use it. Some years ago when PowerPoint introduced the ability to animate presentations, many used this new feature to make their bullet points fly into slides from different angles. Fortunately, most of us have learnt and these effects are rarely seen these days. They detract rather than add to the viewers’ experience. Continue reading

What Are You Doing to Celebrate Your Employees?

Today, March 6th, is Employee Appreciation Day. What are you doing to celebrate your great employees?

It’s important to celebrate your employees everyday, but the first Friday in March marks Employee Appreciation Day in the United States. It’s a day to stop and take a moment to recognize and honor all the hard work of your employees. It’s a chance for executives, directors, and managers of all levels reward their employees, and show their appreciation for a job well done.

What are you doing to celebrate your employees?

Looking for some ideas? We have a few.

  • Keep it simple – just say ‘thank you’. Whether it is in person, in an email, or on a thank you note (yes, people still give hand-written notes).  The simple act of saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way.
  • If you know your coworkers’ interests well, consider a small gift. This small gesture will certainly brighten up an employee’s day.
  • If you can afford to, consider a monetary gift. Monetary gifts such as bonuses or gift certificates say ‘thank you’ quite nicely.
  • Hold an employee raffle. Raffle a small prize such as an appreciation gift or a gift certificate.
  • It’s hard to resist a hearty meal. Treat your employees to breakfast or lunch.
  • Treat your staff to homemade treats for a nice personal touch.
  • Take your employees time into consideration. If your positions are flexible enough, consider sending employees home an hour early.
  • Provide your employees with opportunities. Employees appreciate the opportunity to attend professional association meetings, participate in training groups, represent your organization at events, attend workshops, or be part of a special committee where they can showcase their talents.

Even the smallest displays of employee appreciation can go a long way. Recognition enhances motivation and retention, and builds a positive, productive workplace.   Continue reading

Tractivity Benefits from Snap Mobile Survey Technology

Snap Surveys partner, Tractivity software from RE:SYSTEMS, has been selected by London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) to manage the public consultation and stakeholder engagement process for the London Paramount Entertainment Resort.

Snap Surveys has partnered with Tractivity, a leading cloud-based software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), stakeholder engagement, and inquiry handling, to provide customers with seamless survey feedback management and reporting. Surveys can now be created and managed using Snap’s advanced Snap WebHost online and mobile survey management system. Responses are then integrated into Tractivity for reporting and analysis.

“…Using the Snap Surveys functionality, which is fully integrated into Tractivity, all public responses, engagement, dialogue and enquiries have been collated in one central place and reports generated and analyzed.” Source: Tractivity System is Paramount in Public Consultation Process

Mark Rutter, Head of Tractivity at RE:SYSTEMS was quoted in an article released by the company. Mark says, “We are delighted that the London Paramount project has been the first client to benefit from our partnership with Snap Surveys through full integration with Tractivity software, saving the client valuable time and resources in collating all data and communications together.”  Continue reading

Partner with Snap Surveys to Create a Customized Feedback Solution

Partner with Snap Surveys to create a customized feedback solution
Snap-Surveys-feedback-solutionsWe work with many customers to deliver customized feedback solutions that deliver valuable results. Every customized feedback solution is different. Projects can range from survey software enhancements to fully customized feedback solutions and reporting options. Some of these solutions are developed for Snap Surveys customers, but we also partner with any market research and consulting customers to deliver sophisticated solutions for their clients, and with educational institutions to develop specialized feedback solutions. Continue reading

How Do You Get Survey Respondents to Provide Personal Information?

Personal data security and privacy is a hot topic, especially in today’s data-driven research environment.

anonymous-survey-personal-dataSurvey data is very important and helps businesses and organizations make informed, evidence-based decisions. As a survey researcher, you would like to ask many questions in a survey and collect as much data as possible, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect data. You may provide a well-designed survey, but not all respondents have the time or interested in completing your survey. A big issue could be that respondents don’t want to answer questions that ask for personal or sensitive information. If your company is trying to acquire personal information, you need to do so carefully and skillfully. Asking for personal data the wrong way can increase dropout rates dramatically.  Continue reading

Mobile Survey Optimization Is Critical for 2015

Make mobile survey optimization a priority for 2015

Smartphones and tablets have been in use for less than a decade now, yet both revolutionary technologies have been adopted by users faster than any other technology in history. mobile-survey-optimizationSmartphones have proven to be a necessity in today’s technology-focused environment. Smartphones are now a mainstream device. According to data collected by Global Web Index, Smartphones have garnered an impressive 80% ownership by adult internet users surveyed. This staggering percentage suggests that 2015 could be the year when Smartphone and PC/laptop ownership becomes equal.  Continue reading