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Market Research: Get To Know Your Survey Terminology

When working in market research, get to know your survey terminology

multi-mode-surveyWhether you are a seasoned market researcher with extensive knowledge of survey methodology, a beginner designing your first survey, or a new market research analyst, some of the terminology used can be a little confusing and it takes some time to comprehend. Here are some commonly used survey research terms and their definitions. Continue reading

New Tutorial: View and Customize Pre-Built Survey Reports

View our new tutorial on viewing & customizing the default questionnaire and Summary Reports in Snap Survey Software

Snap Questionnaire and Summary Reports give a detailed summary of survey results, and may provide all the detail you need. But, did you know results can be modified and filtered to produce tailored reports for each reader, for example an individual, region, department, or team? Learn how with this new tutorial. Continue reading

Latest Snap Survey Software Release 11.16 Now Available

Active customers can update now to release 11.16 of Snap Survey Software

Snap update 11.16 is available now, for free to customers with an active Snap Plus subscription. Every new Snap Survey Software user gets 12 months free Snap Plus subscription which includes telephone and email support, as well as free software updates. Don’t have a current Snap Plus subscription? Contact a Product Specialist.

What’s new in 11.16?

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Using the Principles of Universal Design for Surveys

Snap Surveys guest blogger Gary Austin of Austin Research explores using the principles of Universal Design for surveys

Gary Austin quote _universal designAn American architect, product designer, and educator named Ron Mace originally coined the term “universal design”. It describes the concept of designing products and the built environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible for everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.

A widespread example of universal design is the dropped kerb (i.e. vehicle access crossings or crossovers). Dropped kerbs were designed for wheelchair users, but are used by all kinds of people including those with shopping trolleys (shopping carts, for you U.S. folks) or kids on bikes or scooters. The original design process focused on a disregarded group of people, but something better was created for everyone. Continue reading

Did You Know: Where Did My Survey Files Go?

Question: I was working on a survey in Snap Survey Software. Where did my files go?

On occasion, Snap Tech Support will receive an inquiry about missing survey files. But they are, in fact, not missing at all!

1. When you open Snap Professional on your desktop and there are no surveys shown:


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Did You Know: Embed a Website in an Online Survey

Learn how to embed a website in an online survey using Snap Survey Software

Often times our Tech Support staff receive the following question “I would like to embed a website into my survey – not just a web link – but actually see the website in the survey.  Is this possible?”

Of course it’s possible!

Here are instructions you can use to embed a survey into your next online survey

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Did You Know: Helpful Resources for Survey Software

Did you know that there is a wealth of helpful resources to help you get started creating surveys in Snap Survey Software?

SupportHubVisit the Snap Support Hub to learn about Snap Survey Software at your own pace with helpful resources, including: interactive tutorials, video guides, worksheets, blog articles, webinar recordings, online user help guide, installation instructions, and access to the user forum – all in one central location. Continue reading

Connect With Prospects as a Snap Surveys Research Partner

Join the Snap Surveys Research Partner Directory today and connect with prospects

Are you a Market Researcher or Research Consultant using Snap Survey Software?

Now is your opportunity to list your organization in the Snap Surveys Research Partner Directory. Your listing will include a detailed description of the services your organization offers, contact details, and a link to your company website. The Snap Surveys website attracts over 7,000 unique visits every day from people interested in developing surveys and market research projects – each one a potential customer for your business. Continue reading

Manage Online Surveys On Our Server Or Yours

Manage your online surveys on our secure server or on your own internal server with Snap WebHost

Are you familiar with Snap WebHost, our online survey management and reporting system? Access to a subscription to Snap WebHost enables users to easily upload and administer secure online surveys, create email invitations and reminders, manage feedback, and create real-time analysis and reports.

Snap WebHost has many advanced features, including:

  • Collect partial response data
  • Track multiple iterations of a survey
  • Seed responses from a database into surveys
  • Use patterns to validate open-ended questions
  • Check values of open-ended questions
  • Share real-time analysis and reports with individual clients and stakeholders

But that’s not all. Did you know you can install Snap WebHost on your own server?  Continue reading