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Engage with Respondents by Making the Survey Relevant

Increase engagement and response rates by making your survey more relevant to your respondents

Gary Austin quote _respondentsAll too often survey researchers forget to answer the all important question – who is my target audience? The continue to develop questions based on what they assume is important to their audience. Inevitably, this leads to poor response rates.

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses why it is worth spending time making sure your survey is “rooted in the realities of respondents lives” in his recent blog post, Root Survey Research in Respondent Reality (below). Continue reading

Video: Introduction to Online Surveys

New to the world of online surveys? Watch our informative introduction to online surveys video to help you get started in Snap Survey Software.

Starting with an overview of Snap Survey Software, this video tutorial will demonstrate how to design, share, and analyze your first Snap survey. See how online surveys fit into the survey process with Snap Survey Software.

video_getting started with online surveys

Watch video

Find out more about getting started with Snap Survey Software in the new Snap Support Hub.

Webinar: Transform and Recategorize Survey Data with Derived Variables

View a helpful free webinar on how to transform and recategorize survey data with derived variables  in Snap Survey Software

In this very informative webinar, knowledgeable Snap Survey Software trainers, Marc Ellison and Jay Arbelo, take a detailed look at derived variables – the key to transforming your survey data into meaningful analysis. You will learn how to use derived variables to recategorize and transform survey data into new variable types, for example: combine categories within a multiple-choice variable, and convert numeric, date & time, and literal data into categories.

This webinar covers:

  • Analyzing open questions & recording questions using a derived variable
  • Performing calculations using a derived variable
  • Q&A session

View Webinar

Find our more about derived variables in the all new Snap Support Hub

Helpful Worksheet: Customize All Your Survey Check Boxes in Style Mode

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can customize all your survey check boxes in Style mode

custom-check boxesWe have created a new helpful worksheet that explains how to create customized response boxes to match your company branding, and save your question style to reuse with other surveys.

Snap Survey Software has two modes for creating questionnaires: Design and Style. Design mode is where you add questions. Style mode is where you define the look of the question types used in the questionnaire.

This worksheet shows you how to use Style mode to:

  • Use images as response boxes for your multiple-choice questions
  • Save your new style to use with other surveys

View Worksheet

Free Interactive Tutorial: Save a Custom Survey Template and Question Library

Access our free interactive tutorial that will walk you through the steps to save a customer survey template and question library

Adaptive-survey-templateUse this interactive tutorial to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Our latest interactive tutorial will guide you through the use of SuveyPaks to create a template from which you can quickly create new surveys, preconfigured with specific design elements and content. For example, frequently asked questions and organizational branding.

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Create a new SurveyPak Library
  • Add a survey to use as a template
  • Add frequently asked questions
  • Create a new survey from your template

Continue reading

New To Snap WebHost Online Survey Management

What’s new in Snap WebHost? Enhanced password security, options to search, sort, and manage your online surveys, and more…

We have added some great new features to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system – providing online surveys and mobile interviewing managed through one easy to use online subscription service.

sort surveys into foldersAs part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of security, we’ve strengthened the complexity rules for new and changed passwords. We’ve also added folders for you to organize your surveys, for example, by project or date, plus search and sort options to help you easily find the survey project you’re looking for.

What's New in Snap WebHost?


Introducing the New Snap Surveys Support Hub

The new Snap Support Hub contains a collection of indispensable resources & information

Support Hub DescripView the all new Snap Support Hub. All valuable resources have been organized by subject to make it easier for Snap Survey Software users to find the information they need, when they need it. View a wealth of resources, including: interactive tutorials, video guides, worksheets, blog articles, webinar recordings, user forum, online user help guide, and installation instructions – all in one central location. Continue reading

45 Words & Phrases to Avoid in Email Subject Lines

Learn the 45 words & phrases you should avoid in Email Subject Lines

Email in InboxWith any online survey email invitation, survey researchers face a number of challenges. It is especially challenging to send a survey to participants who have never heard of your company or are unaware of what you are trying to achieve from your survey research. Challenges include deliverability, open rates, and conversion rates (the successful completion of your survey). Because of these challenges, it is an essential step in the survey research process to carefully plan an email invitation subject line that passes through spam filters, seizes participants’ attention and persuades them to open the questionnaire, and submit completed responses. Continue reading

Create A Customized Course Evaluation Solution

Create a customized course evaluation solution for your growing educational institution

The summer is coming to an end and a fresh new school year has started. Time is flying by. There is no better time than the present to get started developing your course evaluations.

course-evaluation-surveyAre you looking for a more efficient course evaluation solution? With Snap Survey Software, educational institutions can easily administer and collect data directly from students, generate analysis, and create & distribute simple or advanced reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement. Continue reading

Too Early To Talk Course Evaluations? It’s Never Too Early.

School is back in session, and before we know it, it will be time to administer course evaluations.

course-evaluationWe have pulled together several great topics on Course Evaluations in the Snap Surveys Blog. Checkout some of the great past posts listed below.

Enhance Learning with a Course Evaluation System

Your educational institution can enhance student learning through the use of a comprehensive Course Evaluation System

5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations

Common features of an online course evaluation and 5 tips you can use to increase course evaluation response rates

Continue reading