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Benefits of Mobile Interviewing with Snap Mobile Anywhere

With Snap Mobile Anywhere, researchers can collect replies anytime, anywhere using mobile devices and kiosks. 

Snap Mobile Anywhere has many great features that can benefit any survey researcher. From uninterrupted connectivity, to easily share analysis and reports, Snap Mobile Anywhere has the features you need to benefit from mobile interviewing.

Snap Mobile Anywhere Features 

24/7 uninterrupted interviewing

mobile-interviewing-surveysLosing connectivity during field research can be frustrating and can lead to higher drop-out rates and missed opportunities. Snap Mobile Anywhere has been designed to work both online and offline. Surveys and data are automatically synced when a connection becomes available, so you can be sure of uninterrupted interviewing, wherever you are. Continue reading

Collect Replies Anytime, Anywhere Using Mobile Devices and Kiosks

snap-mobile-anywhereEasily collect survey replies anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and kiosks with Snap Mobile Anywhere

Summer is the best time to get out of the office and speak to your customers face-to-face, and with Snap Mobile Anywhere you won’t have to worry about losing your internet connection and missing valuable interviewing opportunities. You can collect replies on and offline, and enjoy uninterrupted mobile interviewing wherever you are. Continue reading

Snap Surveys Helps University With Course Evaluation System

Snap Surveys helps Leeds Metropolitan University set-up a complete Course Evaluation System  to make it easy for students to provide feedback

Leeds Metropolitan UniversityWhat was the challenge? Leeds Metropolitan University (Leeds Met) approached Snap Surveys with the challenge of developing a solution that would make it easy for students to provide course and module feedback, and for university staff to have instant access to results for analysis. Their existing evaluation system entailed manually surveying thousands of students on over 100 different modules and courses, with data exported to Excel for analysis. This process proved to be time consuming and laborious for both the students completing the course evaluations, and for the university staff setting up and analyzing the data. There was also potential for the data to be unreliable.

What was the solution? Snap Surveys recommended that Leeds Met install Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management system on their own servers. This meant that Leeds Met could have complete control over survey security and have no restrictions on the number of surveys, survey responses, and analysis logins. We also recommended using Snap’s Grouped Questionnaires feature to provide a simple framework for students to give feedback.

What was the result? Access the full case study. 

New Worksheet: Use a Cell Reference to put the Filtered Base in a Summary Report

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to use a cell reference to put the filtered base in a Summary Report

The default Summary Report for any survey you design and administer with Snap Survey Software includes text giving the number of overall cases and describing the applied filter. If you set the filter, you may wish to include the new respondent base in the report and you can do so by adding a cell reference.

Cell references are a means of inserting automatically updated data in a report (or in the notes for an analysis). They describe the data to be inserted in terms of its position in a specified table. Continue reading

Download Free Report: 7 Most Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback

Download our free report now! Report: The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Gathering Customer Feedback

7-mistakes-customer-feedbackFeedback is a powerful tool, but in an era when feedback channels are proliferating, this report looks at some of the common pitfalls in customer feedback and how you can avoid them.

Snap Surveys partnered with Brand Republic, the UK’s leading online destination for people working in the marketing and communications industries, to explore how brands are capturing customer feedback and what they do with the findings. At the same time, our own Snap Surveys UK consumer panel was asked how they felt about being on the receiving end of such approaches. 


Customer Discount Toward Registration to the Campus Technology Conference

Snap Surveys customers can enjoy a registration discount to the Campus Technology Annual Education Technology Conference in Boston

CT14-exhibitor-snap-surveysCampus Technology is a leading source for education industry knowledge and professional development. At this year’s 21st Annual Education Technology Conference, located at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, attendees will discover a diverse offering of sessions and workshops all focused on campus-wide IT challenges, needs, and goals. These informative sessions provide practical advice, expert solutions, and technical education.

Exclusive offer for our customers: Register using code CT14C to receive$125 off your conference pass! Registration now!

Conference details:

  • Campus Technology: 21st Annual Education Technology Conference
  • July 28-31, 2014
  • Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

Come visit the Snap Surveys team. We will be in the exhibitors hall at booth #522 on July 29th and 30th.

Learn more about the Campus Technology Conference

New Worksheet: Tailor the Automatic Summary Report to Your Survey Project

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how to tailor the Automatic Summary Report to your survey project

Snap Survey Software automatically generates a Summary Report for every survey you build. But, did you know you can choose which questions to include, change the default description, and add filters and weight to the data?

snaps-survey-software-summary-reportSnap Survey Software automatically generates the Summary Report based on the variables used in your questionnaire. It puts in one analysis per variable. You cannot change the style of analysis in a summary report. They have been developed to work with a wide variety of questions and data. Continue reading

Free Report: The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Gathering Customer Feedback

Download our free report: The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Gathering Customer Feedback

7 Common Customer Feedback Mistakes Report

Throughout our 7 part blog series, we discussed the 7 most common mistakes in gathering customer feedback and what you can do to avoid them. All blog posts in this series are easily accessible and include: Continue reading

University College London Choose Snap Surveys to Assess Patients’ Experiences

The University College London (UCL) choose Snap Surveys to assess patients’ experiences through the PROMs Health Screening Study

UCL-Snap-Surveys-PROMsSnap Surveys’ UK office is delighted to help University College London (UCL) assess patients’ experiences. According to the NHS England website, the PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) measure a patient’s health status or health-related quality of life at a single point in time, and are collected through short, self-completed questionnaires. The health status information is collected before and after a procedure, and provides an indication of the outcomes or quality of care delivered to NHS patients.* Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Survey Solution

Need to know: Choosing your survey solution

Choose-survey-solutionMarketers keen to do DIY surveys outside of their research departments would do well to realize the comparative differences between software packages available.

They range from straight-forward feedback tools where consumers are asked to rate an event or experience on a scale of 1-5, right through to surveys with more business-critical requirements, for example probing a brand revamp or new product development. Here are some of the functionalities marketers should expect when evaluating software at the more sophisticated end of the spectrum:

1. Create questionnaires in different formats

Consumers like to give feedback in various ways and your data capture software needs the ability to gather data in different ways including online, mobile, face-to-face paper and mobile interviewing, kiosk and paper surveys. Analysis capabilities should be able to aggregate this data (including multi-language versions of questionnaires) into one, seamless report.

2. Multi-lingual

You may be working for a multi-national brand owner or in the public sector and require feedback in different languages. With Snap Survey Software, a questionnaire in any format can be made available in any language. Continue reading