The Snap XMP API can be used to integrate surveys with your own systems. This webinar provides a simplified overview of the Snap XMP API, explaining the jargon and outlining your options. Perfect for non-developers to find out about the possibilities an API can bring. Related help API Reference Exporting response data to Power BI

Exporting response data to Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence product developed by Microsoft, that is used to analyse and visualise an organisation’s data. Power BI can connect to a range of data sets, including response data from Snap XMP. There are two ways to connect Snap XMP response data to Power BI: Exporting the response data file […]

Command Lines for Snap XMP Desktop

Opening a survey Option Secondary option Online/Offline Description Example “filename” offline Opens with the survey filename. This is equivalent to double-clicking on the file. The operation distinguishes between MDF, ADF, TMDF files. “snap Desktop.exe” “snSurvey.mdf” /S Opens the last used survey “snap Desktop.exe” /S /S “filename” offline Opens the named survey. “snap Desktop.exe” /S “snSurvey.mdf” […]

Transferring data between a survey and a database

Snap XMP Desktop allows you to link your survey to a database. This allows you to seed the survey with data that is already in your database, or use email addresses in the database to send invitations to your participants. In addition, data received from the survey can be exported back into the database. To […]

Adding name and address details to a printed questionnaire

Inviting participants to complete a paper questionnaire often involves mailing the questionnaire. Adding the name and address of the participant on the first page of a questionnaire or covering letter can make this process easier. This worksheet uses Snap XMP Desktop to insert participants’ names and addresses on the first page of a questionnaire, load […]

Analysing two surveys together

This tutorial covers merging the data from two surveys which are slightly different. One survey has more questions than the other. It assumes that both surveys contain data that will be merged into one survey for analysis. You may need to merge surveys in these situations: Surveys run on an annual basis, to analyse trends […]

Exporting data to another program

Data can be exported from Snap Desktop then imported into another software program such as a statistical package, a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel or word processing package such as Microsoft Word for further analysis. On the main toolbar, click to open the Data Entry window. Select the menu option File | Export to […]

Using Hot Links

You can keep an active link between a Snap survey and a database file or between two Snap surveys. This is called a Hot Link. If it is an import link, making it a hot link means that when you identify a new case by entering a unique value in the link variable, data from […]

Exporting data to another Snap survey

You can import and export data, variables and codes between Snap surveys even if the variables and codes are not identical. The easiest way to do this is using a database link to import or export the data. This method can be used to merge surveys: As a precaution, archive your survey first before merging […]

Importing and exporting data from a database package

You can import data from other software packages to the current survey. The data will be added to the end of the current respondent data. The following example shows details from a spreadsheet of customer information being imported into Snap Desktop. As a precaution, archive your survey first before merging the data. From the Survey […]