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Overview for importing and exporting data

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Survey data can be

  • exported from Snap Desktop for use in other surveys or other packages
  • imported into Snap Desktop from other surveys or other packages

Common uses of exporting and importing data are:

  • exporting data from one survey into another to merge a number of surveys
  • exporting or importing data between other applications such as a spreadsheet or database
  • exporting literal response data to a word processor application

There are a number of ways to export and import data in Snap Desktop

  • Database Link Wizard
  • Data Import window
  • Data Export window

Using the Database Linkage Wizard

Data, variables and codes can be imported and exported between surveys. The easiest way to do this is using a database link to import or export the data. The Database Link Wizard provides the following import and export options:

  • Import from a database
  • Export to a database
  • Import from a survey
  • Export to a survey

In the Database Linkage Wizard you are guided through the process and you can choose settings to select the data required and to match the variables and codes that are not identical.

The Database Linkage Wizard can also automatically import and export information as data is entered using a Hot Link.

Data Import and Data Export windows

These windows are used to

  • Import from the clipboard
  • Import from a file
  • Export to the clipboard
  • Export to a file

The available formats are

  • Comma separated (CSV)
  • Tab separated (TSV)
  • Excel (CSV)
  • Plain text (TXT) for exporting data only

There is a database link option available for data export and import that opens the Database Linkage Wizard at the import or export stage, as appropriate.

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