Context menus

Clicking the right mouse button in the Questionnaire window displays a context menu; a menu of commands that are relevant to your current position and selection. All the commands on it can be accessed in other ways, but this may be a faster way of finding them.

The menu that appears will vary depending on the current mode (DesignStyle or Data View) and on what is selected. Each mode has its own standard menu that will appear in most cases, but in two of the modes (Design and Style) a shortened version will appear if one or more entire questions are highlighted.

Styles menu

Menu ItemDescription
StylesOpens the Style Picker (in Design mode) or Style Organiser (in Style mode).
Style ModeSwitches to Style mode.
Design ModeSwitches to Design mode.
Data ViewSwitches to Data View mode.

Edit menu

Menu ItemDescription
EditOpens a sub-menu choice of CutCopyPaste or Delete.
CutCuts the current selection to the clipboard.
CopyCopies the current selection to the clipboard.
PastePastes the current selection from the clipboard.
DeleteDeletes the current selection.
Select AllSelects all the questions.

Properties menu

Menu ItemDescription
Variable PropertiesOpens the Variables Properties dialog.
Routing RulesOpens the Routing Rules dialog.
Background ImageOpens the Picture dialog.
Expand all drop downsIn online questionnaires containing one or more drop-down questions, this setting opens or closes the answer lists.
Hide VariablesConceal the selected questions.
ResponseSet the response type for the selected question(s), which can be single, multiple, quantity, literal, date, time or none.
Character FormatOpens a sub-menu choice containing the options Font, BoldItalic or Underline. Font opens the Font dialog, the other options apply that character format.
InsertInsert answers from a previous question, such as, survey fields, images, audio or video files, or links. Opens a sub-menu containing the items ImageVariable FieldResponse Property, Survey FieldHTML Field, Media Field and Page Timer, which open the appropriate dialog.
BreakInsert a Page BreakColumn Break or Section Break.
ToolsOpens a sub-menu containing the items RenumberSpell Check, and Editions Templates, which opens the Editions and Style Templates dialog.