Editing buttons and keyboard shortcuts

Navigating around the questionnaire

Move question belowPage Down
Move question abovePage Up
Move to the first questionCtrl + Home
Move to the last questionCtrl + End
Move down a lineDown Arrow Down cursor key
Move up a lineImage: Up Arrow Up cursor key
Move one character left or rightImage: Left Arrow Left or Image: Right Arrow Right cursor key
Move one word left or rightCtrl + Image: Left Arrow Left cursor key or Ctrl + Image: Right Arrow Right cursor key

Editing questions

Add a new questionMove the cursor to the required location. Press Enter to create a new question after the current one.
Click New button to insert a new question before the current one.
Alternatively, use the menu option Edit | New or Ctrl + N.
Add a new part of a questionAt the end of a Multi Choice, use Ctrl + Enter to add an Other style question, or to create a Grid Next after a Grid First, or Open Next after Open First.
Delete a questionDelete button will delete the question currently highlighted.
Clone a questionClone button will copy the currently highlighted question and insert it immediately after the current question.
Alternatively, use the menu option Edit | Clone or Ctrl + O.
Move a questionUse CtrlImage: Up Arrow and Down Arrow to move a question up and down within the questionnaire.
Add new codesMove the cursor to the required location in the list of codes and press Tab.
Delete existing codesUse Ctrl + Y to remove the entire code. Alternatively, use the Backspace key or Delete key to remove a character at a time.
Change box sizeUse Ctrl+ + on the numeric keypad to increase the size of the box and Ctrl + to decrease the size of the box for Open Ended questions.

Adding breaks

Add a new lineMove the cursor to the required place in the text. Use Shift + Enter to force a new line.
Add a page breakHighlight a question and press Ctrl + Shift + B and a  will appear above the current question. Press Ctrl + Shift + B again to remove the page break.
Add a column breakHighlight a question and press Ctrl + Shift + A and a  will appear above the current question. Press Ctrl + Shift + A again to remove the column break.
Add a section breakNo shortcut available.

Selecting questions

Selecting consecutive questions/ codesEither drag down with the left mouse button depressed, or use Shift + Down Arrow to select the required questions or codes.
Select allUse Ctrl + A to select the whole questionnaire.

Questionnaire actions

SaveUse File | Save or Ctrl + S to save your work.
PrintUse File | Print Report or Ctrl + P to show the print preview, where you can print the questionnaire.
Undo the last actionUse Edit | Undo or Ctrl + Z
FindUse Edit | Find or Ctrl + F to open the Find dialog.
Use Edit | Find Next or F3 to find the next item.
Use Edit | Find Previous or Shift + F3 to find the previous item.
Spell CheckUse F9 to open the spell checking dialog
Switch to Design mode (from Style or Data View mode)
Switch to Style mode (from Design mode)
Ctrl + M
Switch to Data View modeCtrl + Shift + D
Variable PropertiesAlt + Enter to open the Variable Properties for the selected question.
Open the Style Picker in Design mode
Open the Style Organiser in Style mode
Ctrl + Shift + S
Publish QuestionnaireUse File | Publish or Ctrl + Shift + W to open the Questionnaire properties for publishing
Editions and Style TemplatesUse File | Editions or Ctrl + Shift + E to open the Editions and Style templates dialog.