Inserting automatic survey information

Survey fields allow you to insert information about the survey into your questionnaire. They are often used for information when printing the survey. The current information for the field is substituted when the survey is published.

  1. In the Survey Overview window, open the survey in the Questionnaire window. Make sure you are using Design mode.
  2. Select Font in the topic list.
  1. Click the Insert button and select Survey field. This opens the New Survey Field dialog.
  1. Select one of the available survey fields from the Field property drop down list.
Name Inserts survey file name (defined in Survey properties dialog)
Title Inserts survey title (defined in Survey properties dialog)
Page Inserts current page
Case Inserts current case number
Cases Insert current number of undeleted cases
Filter Inserts description of filter in use
Filter – value Inserts description of the value of the filter in use (defined in variable used to filter)
Filter – expression Inserts the filter expression in use (as typed)
Section Insert current section name
ReportTitle Inserts current report title (defined in Display Name)
Weight Inserts current weight applied to report
  1. In Modify case, select the case used to display the survey field text. Choose from Normal, UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case, Title Case.
  2. Click OK. The field will appear in the survey as the field name enclosed in curly brackets, e.g. {Page}.
  1. When published, this will be replaced by the current field value.