What Are Mobile Optimized Surveys?

What Are Mobile Optimized Surveys? 

mobile-optimized-surveyIt is no secret that mobile technology is more popular than ever before.  According to data provided in a post by Blue Dog Mobile Marketing, by 2014 the number of smartphones in use will be over 1 billion, doubling the number of smartphones in the last five years…and growing.

Are your surveys ready for mobile devices? It is extremely important to optimize your online surveys for all mobile devices, from Smartphones to tablets. Continue reading

How to design mobile surveys: dos and don’ts

When designing a mobile survey, it’s important to move away from traditional online survey methods – they need to be short, direct and easy to complete on any mobile device. Respondents taking a mobile survey are likely to be on-the-go with a limited attention span; If they find your survey too long, they’ll give up, resulting in a low response rate.Snap Mobile Anywhere App Continue reading

Use Mobile Surveys to Capture Immediate Feedback

‘On the Go’ and ‘In the Moment’ with Mobile Surveys

Give your survey respondents the flexibility to access your surveys via mobile devices ‘on the go’ and ‘in the moment.’ Surveys are delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices, and can be completed at a time and place that is convenient for them.  Easily connect and engage with your audience. Mobile surveys make access to survey respondents and data flexible, faster, and cheaper. Continue reading