Snap Survey Software How-to: Scan a Paper Survey in Booklet Form

Learn how-to scan paper surveys in booklet form using Snap Survey Software

Snap Survey Software is a powerful tool to develop all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, paper surveys, scannable surveys, mobile surveys, and kiosk surveys. Even in today’s high tech world, paper surveys are still very much widely used. For example, in many research studies for healthcare or education, paper surveys are printed to booklet form. Once completed by respondents, the booklets are scanned and the survey data is collected in the software, ready for analysis and reporting.

With Snap Survey Software, you can easily print paper surveys as booklets. Within the design capabilities of the survey software, there is a Print as booklet setting which lays out the survey as a booklet.

We have made a worksheet available to help you through the steps of creating your own paper survey in booklet form. This worksheet assumes that you have worked your way through the paper survey scanning tutorial available in the software’s online help and via the web. View the scanning tutorial.

Summary of steps in the Scanning a Booklet worksheet:

Step 1: Set up the survey as a booklet

Step 2: Scan in the survey

Scanning a booklet when you have not set up the survey as a booklet

View the worksheet: Scan a Paper Survey in Booklet Form

Which is More Effective: Paper-Based Surveys or Online Surveys?

Online Surveys vs. Paper Surveys

Online Surveys vs. Paper Surveys

Given the rising costs of paper, printing, and postage, many businesses are shifting towards online surveys over paper surveys. The costs savings alone by switching to online surveys are a significant motivator. However, the decision to change can be a difficult one; some target populations may not be receptive to strictly online surveys. The debate between which is more effective: paper-based surveys or online surveys continues.

How does each mode of survey research fare in your market? Can your research remain valid if you switch to one mode of survey research, but leave the other behind?  Take into consideration the following factors.

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