Snap Survey Software How-to: Run a Kiosk Survey

Learn how to create a kiosk survey using Snap Survey Software

survey-software-elephant-kiosksCreate and run a survey to use in standalone kiosk mode using Snap Survey Software. Once created, your kiosk survey is loaded onto a kiosk over the Internet using Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Once in kiosk mode, the device will only display the selected survey, displaying the first page of the kiosk survey by default. For ease-of-use, if someone starts the survey, but does not complete it, the screen resets back to the first page after a specified time. You can choose whether to keep partially-completed multi-page surveys. When someone completes a kiosk survey, their response is automatically submitted. You can upload responses automatically to the Snap WebHost server, and you can then download them and analyze results in Snap Survey Software. Continue reading

Doubling respondent numbers with online surveys – Paul Kent, Hillingdon Council

Paul Kent is a Customer Engagement Officer at Hillingdon Council in London. The council use Snap’s online surveys service, Snap WebHost,  for residents surveys, and since they went online have doubled the response rate.

“Online surveys fit into many people’s lives much better that paper surveys,” says Paul. “For example, if you send out a postal survey, you will tend to receive more responses from people who spend more time at home, rather than the working population, which skews the data. People at work are able to open up an online survey and fill it in during their lunch break, whereas they would be highly unlikely to pack a paper survey into their lunch box and take it into work!”

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