Want to Learn More About Survey Software?

Are you reviewing available survey software options? We can help.

Surveys are a great tool to gather data quickly and efficiently. Survey software solutions are cost-effective tools for designing and administering online surveys, with the capability of analyzing survey results easily in one centralized software system.

There are a variety of available survey software solutions available. For online surveys, simple online survey tools will allow you to create quick surveys with basic formatting and administration options, and basic analysis tools. More advanced online survey software solutions, such as Snap Survey Software, have more sophisticated functionality ideal for planning more complex survey formatting, survey question logic, and advanced analysis capabilities.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a New Language Edition of a Survey

Learn how to create a new language edition of your survey using Snap Survey Software

Want to learn how to create a dual-language survey? If you are publishing an online survey to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, you can set-up functionality so that respondents can select the language in which they prefer, and be directed to that language edition to complete your survey. Regardless of language, the question options are identical for both languages. If you want to change the physical look of a survey for each language edition, you should create a new format edition instead.

New language editions can use different languages, or use different question text in the same language. For example, you may choose to publish the same survey directed at adults or children. You could also localize the same survey for different areas.

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Create Multi-Language Surveys with Survey Software

The growth of international business increases the need for multi-language surveys

multi-language-surveysAs international business amongst organizations grows, it is quickly becoming more important for organizations to have the ability to capture feedback from all customers, clients, and stakeholders across all geographical regions.

The English language has established itself as the world’s most dominate language in international business; however, it is only natural to those whose indigenous language is English. Many times, businesses presume that communicating internationally via the English language is always the “best” solution.

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