Infographic: Marketing Software and Technology for 2014

Want to know more about the 947 marketing software and technology companies of 2014? View this new infographic. 

The following infographic, Marketing Technology Landscape, the third version of its kind by Scott Brinker at the Chief Marketing Technology blog, offers a large-scale view of the many different kinds of software available to marketers in 2014.Snap Surveys_marketing app

This fantastic infographic features a total of 947 software and technology companies. Many products span multiple categories, however, the duplication of companies across categories was avoided – with some, but very few exceptions. Each company was then placed into one of 42 categories, and to simplify further, across six classes of marketing technology, including:


  1. Internet
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Marketing Backbone Platforms
  4. Marketing Middleware
  5. Marketing Experiences
  6. Marketing Operations

marketing_apps_Snap Surveys_chiefmartecmarketing_apps_Snap Surveys_chiefmartecmarketing_apps_Snap Surveys_chiefmartecSnap Surveys is featured in this infographic in the Marketing Experiences classification for the Marketing Apps category. Snap Surveys offers Snap Mobile Anywhere. With Snap Mobile Anywhere you can create dynamic and interactive mobile surveys and access them remotely with the Snap mobile app on iPads, iPhones, Android, and Windows devices.   Continue reading

Snap Mobile Anywhere for Mobile Surveys

Solve your connectivity issues with Snap Mobile Anywhere for mobile surveys

Have you ever lost connectivity with your mobile device during field research? If you have, you know it’s a serious problem. You’re inputting data when, suddenly, your internet connection drops. More often than not, you also lose the attention of your respondent, who may discover they have better things to do while you’re waiting to see if you can conjure up a new wireless connection. This is just one of the problems that can be solved by using Snap Mobile Anywhere. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Run a Kiosk Survey

Learn how to create a kiosk survey using Snap Survey Software

survey-software-elephant-kiosksCreate and run a survey to use in standalone kiosk mode using Snap Survey Software. Once created, your kiosk survey is loaded onto a kiosk over the Internet using Snap Mobile Anywhere.

Once in kiosk mode, the device will only display the selected survey, displaying the first page of the kiosk survey by default. For ease-of-use, if someone starts the survey, but does not complete it, the screen resets back to the first page after a specified time. You can choose whether to keep partially-completed multi-page surveys. When someone completes a kiosk survey, their response is automatically submitted. You can upload responses automatically to the Snap WebHost server, and you can then download them and analyze results in Snap Survey Software. Continue reading

Mobile Surveys for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

Get the tools you need to create mobile surveys for Smartphones and other mobile devices

Mobile technology has had a significant impact on the way businesses conduct surveys. Snap Mobile Anywhere for Snap Survey Software enables users to run mobile surveys on mobile devices, including: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Smartphone, Tablet PC, and Kiosk.

Continue reading

Use Mobile Surveys to Capture Immediate Feedback

‘On the Go’ and ‘In the Moment’ with Mobile Surveys

Give your survey respondents the flexibility to access your surveys via mobile devices ‘on the go’ and ‘in the moment.’ Surveys are delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices, and can be completed at a time and place that is convenient for them.  Easily connect and engage with your audience. Mobile surveys make access to survey respondents and data flexible, faster, and cheaper. Continue reading