Measuring employee effectiveness: Engagement vs Enablement

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Employee engagement has become increasingly mainstream in management thinking and employee research over the last decade. It proposes a mutually beneficial relationship between employer and employee – creating a win-win situation for both parties.

There is a lot of research that highlights some of the key benefits of engaged employees:

  • Happiness and fulfilment
  • Better performance
  • Better results

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Feedback Surveys to Improve Management Processes and Practices

Feedback surveys are a great tool to improve internal management processes and practices across your entire business

employee-feedback-surveyBusinesses are constantly evolving and looking for ways to implement changes that improve growth and development.  Employees are an excellent resource for gathering important feedback via internal surveys and forms. Whether a business is large or small, feedback surveys generate important and meaningful data, that businesses can use to make informed business improvements. Feedback surveys are a great tool for businesses to gather representative and relevant data to to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, improve company processes, make data-driven business changes, and much more. Continue reading

Online Survey Software to Create Compensation Surveys

Use online survey software to create compensation surveys 

Why are online compensation surveys important for business? If your business wants to become or remain competitive within their industry, the business needs to conduct regular compensation surveys.

Establishing a fair compensation level for employees is essential for any business. If your business underpays employees, you may find your employees seeking opportunities elsewhere for a higher paying position within another company, and potentially for competitor.  On the contrary, if your business overpays employees with regard to salary and benefits, the payroll budget and profitability of your business may suffer greatly. For these reasons, to best determine fair compensation for your employees, many companies use an online survey software solution to design and administer regular compensation surveys to gauge the compensation levels of all jobs offered in the company. Continue reading

Best of Survey Software Blog – Customer Surveys and Employee Surveys

Take a look back at some of the best customer survey and employee survey Snap Survey Software Blog topics throughout 2012 

We have highlighted some great topics in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer service, employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, employee morale, and more…

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