15 Questions for your Covid-19 Returning to Work Survey

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Returning to work surveys following Covid-19 lockdown will help you understand what you need to prioritize.

Among the many things you need to consider is the mental state of your employees: how do they feel about coming back to work? Do they need to be reassured?

Some employees will have been working from home while others may have been home on furlough.

You need to understand how motivated people are to return to the office – whether that’s because they’ve enjoyed working from home or because they are disappointed by the decision to furlough them.

We’ve put together a list of questions to help you understand how your employees are feeling about returning to work

Returning to Work survey question examples

1. Are you looking forward to returning to work

This will give you an overall sense of how your employees are feeling

2. If you have been working from home, would you prefer to continue doing so?

Offering permanent working from home options to staff can boost morale and retention

3. On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate your communication with your manager while working from home?

The effectiveness of communication can dictate whether it’s viable to work from home permanently

4. Have you been equally as productive, less productive, or more productive while working from home?

Productivity is the key to determining whether employees can work from home for the long term

5. If you have been furloughed – do you understand the reasons for it?

It’s important to bring everyone back on good terms, so contact those who feel resentful to explain the situation and try to reassure them

6. Do you have concerns about commuting to work?

Employees who take public transport may have concerns about their ability to socially distance (or having to wear face masks) while using trains, busses or taxis

7. Are you nervous about returning to work while the threat of Covid-19 remains?

People who are nervous must be reassured that you’re doing everything you can to make it safe

8. Please let us know (using the options below) how each of these safety measures affects your confidence in returning to work

Not confident – Somewhat confident – Confident – Very confident – No opinion

  • Strict social distancing; Staggered shift patterns, restricted access to communal areas, limited numbers of people allowed in meeting rooms
  • Daily deep cleaning of premises
  • Hand sanitizer provided
  • One-way walking systems
  • Social distancing floor markers
  • Face masks provided
  • Temperature checks upon arrival

Find out which is most important to your employees and prioritize them

9. Are you able to be flexible in your start, break, and finish times to account for social distancing and limiting the number of employees on-site at a single time?

Flexibility may be needed to ensure everyone can work safely

10. If yes, are you willing to be flexible on the following? Select all that apply.

  • Come in earlier
  • Come in late
  • Take an early lunch
  • Take a late lunch
  • Work from home for part of the week
  • Work from home on a temporary basis

11. Would you be willing to wear a face mask?

Masks are for the protection of those around you but some may not be comfortable wearing them all day

12. Are you willing to notify your employer if you encounter anyone – or go anywhere – with a high risk of Covid-19 infection?

Those who are at risk should stay home and self-isolate for two weeks, but people need to be transparent and tell their employer if they’re at risk

13. Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19 while away from work?

Little is known about the effect a second infection could have on someone, so anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 should probably stay home for as long as possible

14. Are you healthy enough to return to work?

Standard question on return to work surveys but particularly appropriate now following the pandemic

15. Do you have any additional concerns about returning to work? If so, please tell us what they are…

Uncover additional insights you may not have otherwise thought about

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