Feedback Surveys to Improve Management Processes and Practices

Feedback surveys are a great tool to improve internal management processes and practices across your entire business

employee-feedback-surveyBusinesses are constantly evolving and looking for ways to implement changes that improve growth and development.  Employees are an excellent resource for gathering important feedback via internal surveys and forms. Whether a business is large or small, feedback surveys generate important and meaningful data, that businesses can use to make informed business improvements. Feedback surveys are a great tool for businesses to gather representative and relevant data to to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, improve company processes, make data-driven business changes, and much more. Continue reading

Use Feedback Surveys to Maximize Business Effectiveness

Feedback Surveys generate important and meaningful data, which can help build the foundation for decision-making in any business, big or small.

business-feedback-surveysFeedback surveys gather representative and relevant data that you can use across your business to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, improve company processes, make data-driven business changes, and more.

Use feedback surveys for internal management

Company employees are valuable resources for gathering necessary feedback via internal surveys and formsContinue reading

5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 4

Step 4: Pilot your questionnaire

 online-surveys-pilot-test“Oh, but I don’t have time,” is commonly expressed. Ask yourself – how important is the data or insight your survey delivers to your organization? If it’s important, make time to test your questionnaires to ensure that routing works, must answer questions don’t contain an error causing respondents to close out the survey, and so on.

For example: one survey we came across adapted a US questionnaire for the UK. The online survey was set-up to capture US zip codes and wouldn’t accept UK post codes. Participants couldn’t complete the survey. If it had been tested first, this basic issue would have been identified and fixed immediately. Continue reading

Free Report: The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Gathering Customer Feedback

Download our free report: The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Gathering Customer Feedback

7 Common Customer Feedback Mistakes Report

Throughout our 7 part blog series, we discussed the 7 most common mistakes in gathering customer feedback and what you can do to avoid them. All blog posts in this series are easily accessible and include: Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #7 You Don’t Share Feedback

Mistake #7: You don’t disseminate key customer feedback findings around your organization

share-customer-feedbackOne finding from the Brand Republic and Snap Surveys research, that about 40% of marketers said their organizations had no formal process for sharing feedback internally [See graph], does not surprise former client Jane Woolley, a Consultant for Insight Management Academy, who paints a picture of the fragmented nature of feedback within companies.

“Often in organizations there is an enormous plethora of data – sales data, sales force data, surveys, database data, complaints, online reviews – and it’s not necessarily all handled by one unifying mind,” she says. Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #6 Misinterpreting Findings

Mistake #6: Misinterpreting findings from customer feedback surveys

misinterpret-customer-feedback-survey-resultsInterpreting results can be a specialized task in itself. Pitfalls include analyzing responses out of context and, in the case of unsolicited feedback on social media and websites in particular, being unaware of the polarizing nature of opinion.

As one marketer told Brand Republic and Snap Surveys: “Customer feedback only highlights the edges of customer sentiment. People only give feedback when they’re very upset or very happy.” 

Former Unilever researcher Nicola Stanley feels this quote sums up a vital fact about unsolicited feedback: that often those giving their opinions do not constitute the largest section of your audience. Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #5 You Don’t Listen

Mistake #5: You’ve asked the question, but you don’t listen to the answer

Customer-feedback-need-to-listenIn Snap Surveys’ consumer interviews, a strong sense of feedback disappearing into a black hole emerged.

“If someone has bothered to provide feedback, companies should take it on board. Sometimes they will thank you and then do nothing,” one consumer told Snap Surveys.

The private sector would do well to look to healthcare to witness how patient feedback is now considered fundamental to service improvements. To boost its effectiveness and sustainability, the NHS is rolling out patient survey programs requiring GPs, dentists, NHS Trusts and hospitals to publish feedback and demonstrate how they are responding. Continue reading

7 Most Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #2 Respondent Isn’t First

Mistake #2: You haven’t put the respondent front and center in the customer feedback process

The most important adage in commerce – the customer always comes first – is equally true of handling the feedback process.

“Often, surveys are structured so that the organization’s issues are being explored and not the consumer’s, and that can be frustrating,” says Woolley.

Indeed, the Snap Surveys consumer research shows that consumers have high expectations in this area. Asked if they believed companies take more notice of customer feedback today than five years ago, a resounding majority – 72% – agreed they did, because of increased market competition, diminishing customer loyalty and the influence of peer reviews. [see graph]

why companies listen more_7 mistakes series

“When I contact a company to make a complaint or to request service, I expect a response and not just a computer-generated platitude.” – Response to Snap Surveys’ Consumer Panel research, 2012 

The overwhelming message from consumers contacted by Snap Surveys: we want to give brands our feedback, so make it easy for us to do so. Continue reading

Shine Feedback Profit from New Smart Reporting Capability in Snap Survey Software

See how Shine Feedback, a Snap Survey Software customer, profits from the new Smart Reporting capability

Snap-Survey-Software-Smart-ReportingOne of the first organizations to take advantage of Snap Surveys’ new Snap Smart Reporting capability is Shine Feedback, a UK consultancy specializing in employee feedback and engagement.

Shine has been a Snap Survey Software customer for over 10 years. When they heard that we were looking for beta testers for the new Snap software upgrade, Snap 11 with Smart Reporting, they immediately saw the benefit to their business and got in touch.

Pippa, the Client Services Manager at Shine, and long time user of Snap Survey Software takes up the story. Continue reading