Analyze Satisfaction Survey Questions with Scoring

Use the Scoring ability in Snap Survey Software to analyze satisfaction survey questions

If you have a satisfaction survey question in your online survey, or other question where survey respondents are asked to rate a subject using an scale, you can convert respondent data into useful mean values by analyzing the responses using a score. You can then view data as a summary of the satisfaction value of all the data.

Scores are a way of manipulating survey data for analysis. Scores allow you to assign a value to each code, including a no response value (respondent did not answer the question). In advanced online survey software, you can assign a score to each survey question code, and then calculate analyses using the score instead of the code. This method is generally used for scoring satisfaction surveys, so that positive ratings are given positive values and negative ratings are given negative values. You can then summarize the whole satisfaction by calculating the mean of all survey cases, so you know whether survey respondents are generally satisfied or not, by how high or low the mean score is.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Band Results for Easy Analysis

Learn how to band quantity variables for analysis using Snap Survey Software 

If you have a quantity question in your survey, you may want to split the results into bands for easy analysis of results. For example, you may wish to split ages or salaries into ranges.

There is a quick way to do this in Snap Survey Software using numeric variables. Numeric variables are a type of derived variable (i.e. they contain information that is derived from responses).

Quantity data provides a continuous set of values. Because of this, it is difficult to find out how values are distributed, as every response could be different. If you want to see what ranges responses fall into, you have to group the responses together. You can choose how to group your responses, though it is best to group them into equal size bands to see how the responses are distributed. You need to choose how wide the bands are to make sure that you don’t miss any important spikes or dips in results (which might average out over a wide band).

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Conduct Gap Analysis in Survey Software

What is Gap Analysis in Snap Survey Software?

Advanced survey software solutions provide the capabilities to conduct Gap Analysis. Gap Analysis shows the difference between how important attributes are to your survey respondents and how satisfied respondents are with those attributes. Gap Analysis is a useful way to compare the results from your satisfaction survey questions and importance survey questions, and allows for easy interpretation.

By comparing satisfaction and importance scores on your chart, you can use gap analysis to identify priorities for improvement.

Gap Analysis indicates that if the satisfaction bar is shorter than the importance bar, the company may be experiencing an issue! Below is an example of a Gap Analysis chart. Continue reading