Satisfaction Surveys: Rating Levels of Performance in Your Satisfaction Survey

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When designing a Satisfaction Survey, measurement scale may be based on one of the following four factors:

1. Levels of Performance – How good or bad the product or service is

2. Levels of Meeting Expectations – How well the product or service meets expectations

3. Level of Satisfaction – How satisfied or dissatisfied the respondent is with the product or service

4. Levels of Importance – How important the product, service, or attribute of the product or service is

The measurement scale chosen for your Satisfaction Survey should match the research and business objectives as closely as possible.

In this post we will look exclusively at Performance:

Rating Levels of Performance in a Satisfaction Survey: 

Rating Levels of Performance requires the respondent to assess the performance against some standard. 

  • If the respondent is not an expert in the relevant area, the standard used will be a personal standard based on past experience of similar products and services. 
  • If the respondent is an expert they may use a set of agreed standards based on behaviors or objective measures. 

Non-experts may base their rating of Performance on a simple scale of Good (Better than average), Average, or Poor (Less than average), where Average is based on performance experienced in similar situations. Each respondent is likely to have there own standards that equate to Good, Average, or Poor. 

For example, if you are rating staff friendliness in your customer satisfaction survey, you may compare it with other experiences at other hotels or at the same hotel on other occasions. 

The following rating scale questions use a simple rating scale from Very Good to Very Poor. The scale is balanced (equal positive and negative rating points) and has a neutral (OK) rating point.

What if the respondent (customer) has not given any thought to evaluating the specified aspects of the product or service, and does not have a ready answer available? In this situation, we need a ‘No Answer’ option to distinguish it from a Neutral rating of ‘OK’.

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