Rating Scales for Satisfaction Survey Questionnaires

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When designing a satisfaction survey, it is highly like you will need to implement rating scales in your questionnaire.  Ratings are subjective assessments that use a personal set of standards to evaluate your product or service.  Rating scale questions are used in Satisfaction Surveys of all types such as: Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Healthcare or Patient Satisfaction Surveys, and Educational Surveys such as Student Evaluations and Course Evaluations. 

  • They are subjective assessments that are not directly verifiable through external observation. 
  • The response is based on personal standards and criteria rather than an objective scale based on observable behaviors. 
  • They may vary from day to day and from situation to situation.
  • They may be about issues the respondent has thought about and evaluated carefully or about issues the respondent has not thought about or evaluated at all. 

To design a rating scale question for your satisfaction survey, you must consider: 

1. What aspects of the product or service to measure 

2. What measurement scale to use: 

  • Level of Satisfaction
  • How well the product or service meets expectations
  • How good or bad the product or service is
  • Level of Importance

3. The number of points on the scale

4. Balanced and unbalanced scales

5. The labels for points on the scale

6. Handling “Don’t Knows”

7. How to word the question in an unbiased way

8. The order of the questions 

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