Lower Online Survey Abandonment with 4 Strategies

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Lower your online survey abandonment rate with these 4 strategies

The number one reason for survey abandonment is survey length. Streamlined online surveys are more efficient and yield higher response rates. The shorter the online survey, the more likely your survey respondents are to complete it.  Your survey should contain only those questions that are relevant to the research. Using extra questions may have a negative impact on response rates, so only ask respondents questions that are relevant to the objective of your survey.

Other factors contribute to survey abandonment. In order to get a good response rate, you need to attain a balance between effective survey design and data collection, and maintain a positive respondent experience. To prevent survey abandonment, try the following 4 strategies.

  1. Note time in the email invitation and introduction: Your survey introduction plays a big role in your respondents’ behavior toward the survey. Will they complete the survey or will they not?  With this in mind, it is important that your online survey email and introduction clearly states how long the survey will take to complete.
  2. Confidentiality is key. Clearly express how important confidentiality, anonymity, and security of respondent information are, as well as the steps your company is taking to support your claim.
  3. Be careful with sensitive questions: Whenever possible, do not ask questions that are sensitive in nature. If responses to sensitive questions are necessary to achieve your survey objectives, consider asking them later in the survey. Asking sensitive questions too soon may cause respondents to abandon the survey all together. If you plan to ask many sensitive questions, it may be wise to hire a third-party survey vendor to assist you with your research. Respondents feel more comfortable answering sensitive questions when conducted by a company that is impartial and responses are kept in complete confidentiality.
  4. Tailor the online survey where possible. Advanced survey software solutions have a wide range of functionality. Online surveys can be tailored to each respondent using this advanced functionality, such as: linking to external databases, routing (skip logic), text substitution (piping), response validations, randomization, quota controls, and more. These functions move a respondent through an online survey more efficiently, directing them to questions that are most relevant to them, creating a smooth flow and pleasing experience for respondents.

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