The Importance of Post-Event Surveys

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We continue on from yesterday’s Snap Survey Software blog post, Collect Feedback with 3 Types of Event Surveys. As mentioned, following an event, one of the most important things to do is collect feedback to learn about the needs and expectations of your target market – to create future business and marketing strategies. Following events, it is recommended that event managers send post-event surveys via email asking attendees to complete an online feedback survey, or send a link to a survey on a postcard or other promotional mailer. Post-event surveys often provide the most meaningful feedback. This gives attendees the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of various aspects of your events such as individual speakers, seminar topics, training sessions, product demonstrations, exhibitors and sponsors, accommodations, as well as rate their overall experience with the event.

The objective of a post-event survey is to determine whether the efforts put into your event planning met expectations for attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. To ensure the highest participation rate, send your post-event survey to attendees as soon as the event has ended, while their experience is fresh in their minds. The most important information collected from post-event surveys is whether attendees found value in the event, whether it was worth their investment of time and resources, and whether they would participate in the event again. 

Below are samples of questions to ask in your next post-event survey. 

Sample of General Feedback Questions

  • What were your primary objectives for the event (knowledge, networking, etc.)?
  • Did the event meet your objectives?
  • What could the event organizers have done differently?
  • Was the location of the event suitable (travel time, convenience, etc.)?
  • Compared to other similar events you have attended, how does this event compare?
  • Would you participate in this event again?
  • Would you recommend this event to a colleague?

Sample of Speaker Feedback Questions

  • Was the session topic delivered as promised?
  • Was the speaker engaging?
  • What were your objectives for this session?
  • Did the speaker meet your objectives?
  • Did the speaker include the right level of topic detail?
  • What topics would you like to have seen covered?
  • Can the information you gathered from this session be applied to your business?

Below are samples of questions to ask exhibitors and sponsors in your next post-event survey. 

Sample of Exhibitor and Sponsor Feedback Questions

  • Were attendees the right level of decision-makers for your products or services?
  • Did the event structure allow you ample time to interact with attendees?
  • What were your primary objectives for exhibiting at this event (brand awareness, lead generation, networking, etc.)?
  • Did the event meet your objectives?
  • Was the location of your booth suitable for generating traffic?
  • Did the event venue provide appropriate recognition for your sponsorship (Refreshment break sponsor, signage, on-stage recognition, etc.)?
  • Did you find value in the networking opportunities?

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