7 Tips to Increase Course Evaluation Completion Rates

This content was updated on November 16, 2018.

Last month, in a previous blog post (5 Tips: Increase Response Rates of Course Evaluations), we discuss ways in which you can increase the response rates of your course evaluations. As we discussed, there has been an increased growth in the use of survey software for the development of online course evaluations. Higher education institutions have acquired integrated survey software systems that take a hybrid approach to survey administration, offering a choice of paper, online, or mobile survey administration, allowing you to better match the method of survey administration to the needs and preferences of respondents.

Taking a hybrid approach to course evaluations is one tip you can use to help increase response rates (view more tips). However, what do you do if you come across an increase in drop-out rates? If you’re struggling with low completion rates, there are several strategies you can put into practice to help increase rates.

Below are seven tips you can use to prevent low completion rates  Continue reading