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Release date: 7th December 2020


  • SOL-4479: Allow surveys created from Survey templates to be sync’d between Snap Desktop and Snap Online
  • SOL-4506: Customisable options available when exporting data from Snap Online


  • SOL-4331: Handle surveys with only paper editions
  • SOL-4420: Entering HTML in text fields can crash dialog or page
  • SOL-4470: Build tab tooltip restyled to make it easier to read and not overlap
  • SOL-4507: Filter issue when Survey set to US date format
  • SOL-4510: Handle email bounce backs
  • SOL-4511: Filter Participant by status displays empty list
  • SOL-4520: Survey mailing stopped on failure to send 1 invite
  • SOE-123: Text substitution not working in Editor Preview
  • SOE-189: Add a footnote to a Single and it disappears after a reload
  • SOE-205: Open ended questions only accept 1 character in Build | Preview 
  • SOE-209: Setting the Initial value for a literal can throw up an error or cause the survey to not save
  • SOE-221: Hard to set a semantic scale to have 10 codes
  • JS-96: Footnotes on grids fixed
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