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Build 12.6

Release date: 4th October 2021


  • SD-243: Preview on Desktop now uses the default browser
  • SD-292: Database links to surveys in Online overview now possible (cannot be a hotlink)
  • SD-296: unique ID added to all responses: paradata (can be used in a database link to uniquely identify a case)
  • SD-305: Option to set base year for 2 digit years
  • SD-309: Quotas
  • SD-318: Option to set header level in Notes styles (accessibility)


  • SD-286: Dynamic initial values can be overridden. Read only initial values cannot
  • SD-209: Slider in wrong place in Slider bar
  • SD-289: Could not cancel download on a survey with a version conflict
  • SD-291: Copy/paste text from Excel into Welsh edition loses some characters
  • SD-312: Routing remains on code after variable changed and code no longer exists
  • SD-315: Error message colour contrast adjusted
  • SD-322: Crash in DE of upgraded survey in Online overview
  • SD-325: Row highlight hides image map

Build 12.5

Release date: 21st June 2021


  • SD-192: List analyses implement base and cell threshold
  • SD-199/206/209: Aria labels added for accessibility
  • SD-227: New insert option for reports, notes etc “Cases (filtered)”
  • SD-238: Add title to new (online) survey dialog and clone dialog
  • SD-250: Ignore Must answer option added to DE
  • SD-251: PNG transparency option (Blended/Masked) added to Advanced tailoring dialog


  • SD-180: Delete warning enhanced plus extra warning for shared survey
  • SD-189: Hot link with filter often exports nothing when adding new cases (export to file)
  • SD-217: Read only attribute results in seeded values not in response data
  • SD-233: Rating check error message not multi language
  • SD-234: Only one login.htm in multi edition publish
  • SD-235: Native data picker not working when variable is multi line
  • SD-241: Set max literal length (9999)
  • SD-245: Shared folders within ‘My work’ shown at wrong level
  • SD-247: Sliderbar focus highlight redrawn issue iOS (iphone)
  • SD-248: Cannot select all values in a slider bar
  • SD-259: Calculated field shows as Error if the calculation results in a different type eg literal->number
  • SD-273: Plain text only edition resulted in no interview
  • SD-275: Style changes can result in duplicate code values

Build 12.4

Release date: 10th November 2020


  • SD-193: Cell ref label only shows row labels if they are overtyped
  • SD-195: Add font fallbacks for Ethiopic and Persian scripts
  • SD-197: Import data from SPSS file when GetNumberOfCases returns -1
  • SD-198: Publish can create msf for hidden edition

Build 12.3

Release date: 18th September 2020


  • SD-127: New ordering option for code labels: ‘Alphabetic’
  • SD-150: Order exclude list for sorting, so you can exclude multiple codes that don’t have to be consecutive
  • SD-167: Set semantic style variables to be ordinal for analysis
  • SD-169: Dialog added to notify when Snap Desktop is out of sync with server
  • 3675: SPSS is now an optional add on feature
  • 4037: Decorated date patterns added for scanning edition


  • SD-152: Variable with calculated source in Snap 11 upgraded to Derived variable
  • SD-164: Relative paths sorted for Excel files and survey links
  • SD-166: Potential crash with list analysis of autocat variable if there is no data
  • SD-171: Client install wasn’t installing Reference pak or sample surveys
  • SD-172: Installer always installs Reference pak
  • SD-174: Title not saved when creating a survey in offline overview
  • SD-179: Native data picker not compatible with system date patterns
  • SD-182: Client install could look in wrong location for Reference.pak

Build 12.2

Release date: 9th July 2020


  • SD-153: Enable group questionnaires and ensure ‘Subject’ is mapped


  • SD-168: Crash running a report to Html