Displaying questions in a different format

You can use the Show topic in the Questionnaire window to display the question in different formats in different online editions. For example, a grid may fit better on a large screen and a drop-down list may be easier to use in a mobile edition.

Displaying a question in a different formats

  1. Select the question in the Questionnaire window.
  2. Select Show in the topics drop-down list.
  1. Select one of the question formats available in the next drop-down. The question formats available depend on the selected question.
  1. Select the Show checkbox to change the question to the new format. Clear the Show checkbox to return to the original question style.

Question formats

As Drop-downDisplay a closed question as a drop-down list.
As Map ControlDisplay a closed question as an Map Control.
As Slider ControlDisplay a single-response or quantity question as a Slider Control.
As Drag and DropDisplay a closed question as a drag and drop question.
As CarouselDisplay a question as a Carousel.
PlaceholderAdd a placeholder to an open-ended question.
Data PickerAdd a data picker to an open-ended question.

You can also use the Show topic to show or hide a question and to insert a separating line between questions.

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