Anonymizing Data After Survey Completion


Learn how to anonymize data after your survey has been completed

This method may be particularly useful when you want to work with your survey data, but not in a manner which identifies your respondents.

Snap Survey Software stores respondent data in a file with the survey name and extension .rdf (respondent data file), and replies for each respondent are held in individual records in that file. When you delete the variable that holds the personal information from the survey file (.mdf), the details remain in the data file. It is possible to remove the personal data entirely.

We’ve create a helpful worksheet to walk you through the following steps:

  1. Back-up the survey
  2. Use the bulk change feature
  3. Check the data to ensure your changes are correct
  4. Delete the back-up

This worksheet is part of our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) series of worksheets. The GDPR applies only to personal data. The obligations under the GDPR do not apply to anonymous data. We offer several options to anonymize your surveys, including the option to run anonymous surveys using Snap WebHost.

Snap Surveys recognizes its responsibility to help our clients meet their GDPR obligations when using our software and services. To assist our clients to meet GDPR requirements, we have produced a number of GDPR related worksheets that give detailed guidance on specific topics such as obtaining consent within your surveys and providing opt outs, and anonymization in surveys. These worksheets are available on our website in our Support Hub. You may also find useful information on our page, GDPR and the Snap WebHost Service.

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