Top 10 Check List for Survey Structure

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1. Create a good first impression on the envelope, cover letter or email.  Address the envelope by hand if possible with a postage stamp, not bulk mail.  Avoid bulk-emailing programs as well, unless they use identified email addresses.

2. Give the questionnaire a short and clear title.  An explanatory title will be more meaningful to a respondent and give your questionnaire credibility.

3. Be clear in your instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.  Use short, direct sentences with simple vocabulary.

4. Put non-threatening and interesting questions first. It will encourage respondents to continue and complete the questionnaire.

5. Place your important questions early in the questionnaire.  If the respondent chooses not to finish your survey, you have your most desired information.

6. Offer incentives for completing the survey such as a small gift or discount on their next purchase.

7. Make the survey easy and convenient to complete. 

8. All difficult or threatening questions should be placed at the end of the questionnaire.

9. Related questions should always be grouped together.

10. Be observant and avoid questions that could influence the answers to subsequent questions.

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